Precious memories: a short review of the Maruman Mnemosyne A5 notepad

Life is full of memories. The problem is keeping hold of them all…Which is why we write things down I guess. On day four of our week reviewing lovely Japanese stationery products we’re taking a look at the Mnemosyne notebook produced by the Japanese manufacturer Maruman. Presentation: My first impression of the staple bound pad that lies […]

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The Charts: May 14 update

I still remember the times when my sister and I would listen to the ‘pop’ charts on the radio as they came out on a Sunday… We’d sit, ready to record the songs from the radio with three-fingered dexterity, simultaneously holding down the play ,record and pause buttons on our portable tape recorders.. Ahh those […]

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Giveaway: Anyone for some goat?

It’s that time again, another 100 twitter followers achieved another giveaway! This time with the help of RL Allan publishers I’m giving away an Allan’s pocket journal. I reviewed one of these back here. These retail at £25 each. This time the winner may also be able to choose the colour, depending on their availability. […]

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