A clear affinity: A Review of the Kaweco Student Demonstrator fountain pen

It’s good to have a history with something… Whether it be people, places or mere objects it enriches life’s tapestry. I have somesuch with the Kaweco brand. It was the novel and appealing design of one of their pens that rekindled my love for using fountain pens which had, at that time, laid dormant for a while many years back.  I also like the obvious quality that they exhibit so its an easy relationship to keep up. So, once again it’s a pleasure to review another of their current offerings – the Student demonstrator. I’ve been keen to review this edition as I love demonstrator pens even though I have previously reviewed its close relation the All-rounder (I should also say here that Kaweco kindly loaned this product at no charge for the purpose of review)

Description: So whats the big deal? Well the Kaweco Student demonstrator is a beautifully finished fountain pen in clear acrylic with quality chromed fittings. At first look I immediately punched the air and thought ‘Potential eye-dropper!’ but more of that later. This lovely pen is very pleasant to hold and has the characteristic logo on the finial along with the Kaweco Brand and model printed in silver on the reverse of the cap. The strong and shiny retro style clip is attractive and intricately detailed as is the cap band.  The metal section is  smooth and slightly concave in shape. The screw threads are solid and the pen caps securely with less than one revolution of the cap or barrel. The pen is well weighted and I found it to be comfortably balanced whether posted or unposted. It comes in the usual Kaweco range of nib sizes (EF-EB). In the UK it retails about the £40-50 mark.

Dimensions: The pen is 136mm long when capped, and 121mm uncapped. Posted it is 164mm long and weighs in at approximately  27g (29g with a converter and ink).

On Test: First the bad news, The metal section means that it isn’t a prospective candidate for eye-dropper conversion (darn it – I think it would have been lovely). The barrel looked to have great potential. As it is it does accomodate Kaweco’s own  converter. Do be careful if you use a generic converter as it might not fit length-wise. You can also fit two standard international short cartridges in the barrel if you prefer.

Now the good news. I’ve said many times that I love the nibs on Kaweco pens. I do prefer the #6 (the bigger the better for me) but these smaller ones are great too. This one came with a standard medium nib which worked well straight from the off. The Bock nibs are generally very smooth and easy to use. This one left a solid wet medium line without problem.

The pen is comfortable in hand and can be used easily over long periods. I preferred to use it unposted but it posted securely enough if you prefer it that way. I found no problem with the smooth metal section, it was comfortable and I had no issues with the pen slipping.

It is a really attractive pen. Kaweco have marketed a few derivations of this style from the more budget priced Student through the All-rounder to the up market Dia 2 ranges. This one garnered a few nice comments when used in public, the way clear demonstrators often do. The clear plastic parts are well made and the chrome trim sets this pen off beautifully. I even have to grudgingly admit that the Kaweco converter looks great when in use

Summary: Well I have to say that this is a great pen. It is good-looking, solid, well-built and functional and I can see it becoming a regular in my demonstrator rotation. It has a pleasing style It has a great feel to it and is in the weight range that I prefer. For the price I think it’s reasonably good value. If I was to quibble I would say that it may slightly lack the impact of the TWSBI 580 and I am still  a tad disappointed that the metal section meant that I couldn’t convert this to become an eye-dropper, alas what might have been… Anyway hope you enjoy the review.

Foolishly yours…

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