Punchy Pumpkin: A Review of Diamine Pumpkin ink

So its officially autumn (that’s fall to some) and it won’t be long until it is once again time to celebrate or avoid Hallowe’en depending on your view of that particular holiday. For many it will be time to hollow out a few pumpkins and carve ghoulishly smiling faces in them to delight or terrify the children. As the nights draw in here in the far northern hemisphere I know it’s a time when I also tend to look for something brighter to augment my usual ink rotation, particularly this year as my chosen palette has been heavy on blue. As many of you know I’m a certified lover of orange inks anyway, so it comes as no surprise that I would check out Diamine Pumpkin seeking to add some seasonal colour to my writing. So here we go…

Presentation: No surprises here, the usual Diamine look is somewhat functional, though I hear they’ve done some remodelling. It all helps I guess, I personally don’t mind as long as the ink they produce continues to be of a high standard.

On Test: This ink is simply joyous. It is the type of orange that immediately introduces itself by punching you in the eye. It has a bright, good-natured tone that will endear itself to anyone who loves orange inks. Subtle it isn’t though so bear that in mind. There was little evidence of shading with my fairly fine test nib but I would imagine that with broader nib it would be more than possible.

The ink behaves as well as you would expect from Diamine.  The flow was great and I was surprised that the drying times on my review paper were in the order of 20 seconds. As with many inks it shows a little resistance to water so bear that in mind. I should note that with use I noticed that if left to dry in a pen it produced a crusty residue, though this was no problem whatsoever to remove.

Summary: I’ve really enjoyed using this ink. It’s a great contrast to more conventional colours and is a real eye-popper. I like its intensity and richness. For me it will line up with my other favourite orange inks. Use it  for fun or for a change-up to more boring ink colours, and its great for underlining too! As always with Diamine it is right up there in terms of ease of use and great value for money. Why not check it out for yourself… particularly with the useful 30ml bottles now widely available it is genuinely worth a punt.

Foolishly yours

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6 thoughts on “Punchy Pumpkin: A Review of Diamine Pumpkin ink

  1. I looked for a long time for an favorite orange ink and I landed on Pumpkin as what I thought was the most orange. I can’t really define that except my own opinion but I came away as you did really enjoying this color. I leave ink in a pen for 30 days plus sometimes and the Pumpkin does require an overnight soaking at flush out but as you mentioned no big deal. Thanks for the review and making go the ink shelf and ink up a pen from my bottle.

  2. This is so funny to see this ink review. I use only two colors of ink. Gray and orange! The reason being is that it is lighter on the paper than black and doesn’t show through on my Moleskine pages. Although my ink looks a little flatter than yours. Your orange really pops!

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