Back in brass: A review of the Kaweco Supra fountain pen

OK,  so I know its been a while, but life has a way of getting in between me and blogging. I know that’s true for everyone but along with some prolonged family illness, a marriage and the fact that of late I’ve been taking some time out this summer, which I’ve enjoyed. But I’m back with a few reviews, which I hope you’ll enjoy. The first up is one I’ve wanted to get my hands on for a while, a somewhat unusual offering from Kaweco, the Kaweco Supra fountain pen.(Kaweco kindly loaned this product at no charge for the purpose of review)

Presentation: I have to admit I’ve always warmed to the style of Kaweco. This pen and its box are no exception. It comes in a somewhat retro styled tin box with the Kaweco logos on the top of the box lid. The hinge style lid  lifts open to reveal a soft velvet bed for the pen which holds the pen securely.

Description: The Kaweco Supra fountain pen is a beautiful brass pen  which has a nicely rounded shape. What strikes me first is the attention to detail which is very pleasing.  The screw threads are discreet and precise and the pen is wonderfully ergonomic. It feels great in hand. The top of the cap has the Kaweco logo engraved on it, and then on one side ‘Kaweco Germany’ is also engraved on the pen cap. There’s a small concave section for the pen holding the #6 nib (more of which later). The unique feature of  this pen is the extension which is a 1″ section that screws in between the barrel and the grip. It is flush with the cap but stands slightly proud of the barrel. The barrel has a rounded end with a screw thread for the cap when posting.

Dimensions: The Supra is a hefty but not over heavy pen  It weighs in at 49g with the extension and 37g without. It is 130mm long when capped with the extension and 99mm when capped without. Uncapped it is 124mm long with the extension and shortens to 94mm without. Posted the pen is 164mm or 134mm depending on whether the extension is used.

On Test: I tested the Supra at length as it were, in both forms. In hand the pen is weighty (‘cos it’s brass…). When using the extension I preferred the pen unposted, without the extension it had to be posted. Therein lies the conundrum of this pen for me. There appears to be an ideal pen length that I like and though this pen allows the  pen size to change, I can’t really see why I’d really need to, that is, once it is set how I like it why would I change the configuration. On the whole I preferred the pen with the extension, simply because I could use it with a standard sized converter. Don’t get me wrong the pen is great. I like using it and have no negatives to speak of except perhaps for the brass smell that lingered on my hands afterward.

The nib is really good. The #6 Bock nib delivered straight from the get go. I was provided with an ‘F’ nib, which I prefer. I found the flow to be absolutely perfect, the nib gliding across the pages with just the right amount of feedback. I like #6 nibs and think Kaweco should use more of them on more of their pens.

Over time the brass will oxidise and the initial shine will dull as the pen develops a patina with use. If you like this, great, if not you might want to look at some sort of non-abrasive cleaner. I remember my mum used to use tomato ketchup to clean her brass ornaments, so there’s a little tip for free.

Summary: All in all this is a really unusual take on customising a fountain pen. The ability to morph between a pocket pen and a larger model is novel. What is good is that this pen is very well put together and the design has been well executed by the manufacturer . It has been a real pleasure to use. In the UK these retail from about £85 upwards

Foolishly Yours…

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2 thoughts on “Back in brass: A review of the Kaweco Supra fountain pen

  1. Excellent review and I enjoy this pen. I’m not sure I will buy it but while I had a chance to try it in a friendly shop I thought it was really nice and well balanced.

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