Of choice and power: A Review of Diamine Tyrian Purple ink

In ancient times the colour purple was the preserve of those with choice and power, a bit like certain brands today… Roman Emperors, Kings , and later on nobles and even the church adopted purple as their own. Thankfully purples are no longer reserved for aristocrats and in terms of ink Diamine has brought another to the table in the form of this Tyrian purple. I read that Tyre in ancient Phoenicia (literally meaning the land of purple) was a place that produced purple dyes for the rich and famous. Thankfully we don’t have to go that far to get this ink, in fact just pop down to your local pen shop and buy some if you like the review. This ink was sent to me as a sample by Diamine for review. So let’s get to it!

Presentation: The Diamine style of presentation (or lack of it) is well-known. To be fair to them they are more about the range of colours and monetary value than the art of presentation in their standard range. Their special editions are often better presented, see here for an example of just that.

On Test: This is more of what I would call an organic or earthy purple than a true one. I know the eye differs from person to person but I think the tones are redolent of a good glass of wine. The red and purple tones produce a warm earthy burgundy colour that is pleasing to use.  There is some evidence of shading with a broader nib but little with finer ones. The line drawn with the fine nib on my Sailor Reglus is deep and dark which I like too.

The ink behaves well as you would expect from Diamine. Drying times on my review paper were in the order of 25-30 seconds, it would be quicker on more absorbent papers and with somewhat drier nibs. The ink flows well and shows a little bit of resistance to water which is good news I think.

Summary: I’ve really enjoyed using this ink in both broad and fine nibbed pens. I still think this type of purples are somewhat under used and can give writing a distinguished look. I think this ink has a range of uses from the informal note through to the passionate love letter. Its one of those inks whose shade conveys a certain feeling or emotion well. As always Diamine is right up there in terms of ease of use and great value for money. Check it out for yourself

Foolishly Yours

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4 thoughts on “Of choice and power: A Review of Diamine Tyrian Purple ink

  1. That’s lovely! I was thinking of getting a Bordeaux-ish ink at some point – this could be the one. Although I’m also tempted by Diamine Oxblood…

    Thanks for the review!

  2. I’d love to see this ink being used in Calligraphy. Had recently used a similar colour for labeling invites for a wedding. Came out beautifully on uncoated ivory paper.

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