Blues brothers: Retro 51 Tornado ‘Marlin’ rollerball & ext fountain pen

‘It’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses….’ I know that the movies are replete with iconic phrases. But few captured the mood of a young man like me back in 1980 as much as this one. I loved the musical escapades of Jake and Elwood as they fought to get their band back together while evading the police, various Illinois nazis and Carrie Fisher in the process.

Today I’m pairing up and comparing two pens, who are likewise ‘blues brothers’ if you will. These are from the Retro 51 family, kindly supplied for review by Ian and Nikki at PenShed who are the UK distributors of Retro 51 (and a great job they do too). On show today are the Retro 51 Tornado ‘Marlin’ Rollerball & Tornado Marlin ext fountain pen. As you can see from the gallery these two compliment each other wonderfully. Some might say the days of complimentary looking pens are out of date. Those were the days when we bought matching fountain pen, ballpoint, and mechanical pencil and were ready for action. I disagree, this matched pair of pens look great. I intend to do a full review on each very soon but I thought that they look so good together that they were worth showing off a little.

They both come very attractively boxed, opening one of boxes is something of an event in and of itself. The quality presentation is one of the Retro 51’s most charming characteristics. They are clothed with an impressively marbled blue acrylic which has a lovely depth to it. Both pens have chromed furniture and the classic Tornado styling.

To the uninitiated Retro 51 are an American company based in Dallas, Texas. Retro 51 abides by the motto that “Life is too short to carry an ugly pen!” Too right! I remember that I first came across them back in 2007 where I was given a wallet and mini pen which they had produced (FYI I still use the wallet…)

Hope you enjoy the pictures, watch out for the forthcoming reviews!

Foolishly Yours

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