A Violet Skye: A Review of Seitz-Kreuznach Dark Orchid ink

‘A gift from a friend is always valued…’ or so the saying goes; it’s certainly something I think is true. So a big thank you to @Paulworkington  who is a good friend for the kind gift of this ink. This is ‘Dark Orchid’ (Orchideen Violet in German) from Seitz Kreuznach, the brand of a German internet based retail company who specialise in writing instruments and other giftware. The company work under the title of Seitz Global. I don’t know much more about them but if you’re interested you can check out their website here.

Presentation: This ink came in a pleasingly shaped and nicely labelled, small 20ml bottle though I believe larger ones are available too. I quite like small bottles of ink, particularly where the shade is one that is somewhat out of the ordinary and possibly wouldn’t become an everyday ink. In fact the bottle reminded me of the type of container an old uncle of mine used to have around, though they tended to contain Whiskey… perhaps the less said about that the better. The bottle is topped with a grey metallic cap. the neck of the bottle is somewhat narrow and the use of an ink syringe may be required to get to the ink after a while.

On Test: I used a medium nibbed Faber-Castell Ondoro combined with Rhodia 5×5 dot grid paper to review this ink. The Ondoro is a wonderfully comfortable pen that I find great for checking inks out. The medium nib is smooth and a fairly wet writer that comfortably shows the shading characteristics of any ink. This particular ink was lighter than I first thought that it would be. In the bottle (as ink often does) the tone seemed darkly brooding. Through the pen popped something quite different. This is to my eye more of a magenta than a violet or a purple.

The  good news is that the ink behaves well and consistently dried acceptably quickly at around twenty seconds. There is some hope for you shading freaks out there as it exhibits some, albeit somewhat restrained  shading characteristics with the right nib. If I’m honest it wasn’t the wettest ink I’ve ever used but there were no flow issues. In terms of its shade it reminded me very much of Rohrer & Klingner  Solferino which I reviewed some time ago.

Summary: I really enjoyed reviewing this surprising ink. It is a fun, out of the ordinary shade that I would imagine would be better used in informal settings but then again what do I know…

As ever, foolishly yours…

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4 thoughts on “A Violet Skye: A Review of Seitz-Kreuznach Dark Orchid ink

  1. I have this one and I like it very much. I used it in a Reform 1745 pen, and it shades very nicely in that pen on Tomoe River Paper.

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