Brilliant blues: My current favourite blue inks

Never let it be said I don’t respond to my readers… It just may take a while. Some considerable time ago I did a comparison of some blue inks. One interesting item of feedback was that, because I had included  a couple of blue-blacks and the odd teal that it wasnt a fair comparison. Fair enough says I so as I was filling up a fountain pen this evening for a future review with a ‘true’ blue ink I decided to do another quick comparison. See what you think of these.

I have a hard time picking a favourite from this bunch, at the moment it’s Asa Gao but they’re all brilliant if you ask me. I picked one ink to represent each manufacturer which is why certain favourite inks that you might be able to mention may be missing. I’ll try and say a little about what I like about each.

Noodlers Liberty’s Elysium: I love that this is a permanent ink. I think more fountain pen inks should be permanent, but that’s a story for another day. Highly water-resistant, Liberty’s Elysium belts out colour all day long. You can read my first review of this ink here though I actually think its grown on me since then.

Sailor Jentle Sky High Blue: This was my first Sailor ink and was a revelation. Sadly discontinued. To my eye this is the lightest of the colours on show today. I think it has a beautiful and serene tone that is immensely calming. Still one of my all time favourites,  you can read my review here.

J Herbin 1670 Ocean Bleu: The darkest of the bunch and a favourite in my Lamy 2000. I actually prefer the first edition of this ink that comes without the metallic additions. A lovely, lovely ink. In fact I’ve surprised myself, I just realised I’ve never actually reviewed this one. It must have somehow slipped through the net… oops!

Kaweco Royal Blue: A blue for my off-beat moments. It pops off the page as if electrified. To my vision it has a faint purple hue which I like. You can see my thoughts on this ink here.

Diamine Majestic Blue: A deep and rich, full-bodied blue that sometimes has a lovely red sheen.  I like quite a few of Diamine’s blue inks but keep coming back to this. I’ve heard some negative comments about this in terms of smearing etc, all I can say is that it has always behaved perfectly for me. Check out my review.

Pilot Iroshizuku Asa Gao: My most recent addition. See the recent (and somewhat gushing) review here. I’m hugely enamoured with this ink at present so don’t be surprised if I write to you during InCoWriMo if this is what you see!

Foolishy yours,

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3 thoughts on “Brilliant blues: My current favourite blue inks

  1. Since I am on my (probably endless) quest of finding the PERFECT BLUE for me (it deserves the capitals, believe me. 🙂 ), this post helps greatly, thank you. I’m certainly going to take some inspiration from this.

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