Have yourself a merry inky Christmas…

Christmas is nearly upon us once again… So as the festive season approaches I know many of us are busy writing our Christmas cards and letters; hopefully sending them well before the postal deadlines mean that our Yuletide sentiments become unavoidably belated.

I thought that I would give you a small insight into the three main inks I’ll be using over the period to pen my various greetings. If you like them by all means give them a try, if not well you can leave a comment saying what poor taste I have in inks (you wouldn’t be the first.)

First this Christmas is one of the newer Shimmertastic inks from Diamine, namely  the very nice Diamine Shimmertastic ‘Magical Forest’. This is a lovely green ink with a shimmertastic twist. The base colour is an intense and pleasing mid green, a shade that would be suitable for this time of year on its own. The addition of the glittering metallic particles makes this ink perfect for Christmas cards and the like. I like the way that Diamine have matched gold and silver particles with different shades. Any of the ten ink range would lend themselves  to adding that little extra pazazz to your greetings.

My second choice will be no surprise to those who know me. I regularly get one of my pens inked up with J Herbin 1670 Rouge Hematite. One of my all time favourite inks; it is a wonderfully complex shade that has a sophisticated lustre. The shade changes as it dries but never loses its attractiveness. Now complemented by its younger brothers in the 1670 range, it is still the one I reach for at Christmastime!

Thirdly, and something of a wild card choice and a shade that takes me away from the more traditionally festive colours this year is Kaweco’s Royal Blue. This ink is again widely available both in bottled and cartridge form, which is helpful. I think this ink really stands out among the plethora of great blue inks. It has the ability to make even your more formal correspondence pop out from the page. This ink looks lovely on white paper or cardstock, it is bright without being at all gaudy.

So don’t be at all surprised if you open a card from yours truly this year and you are beset with one of these great shades of ink. What about you? What will you be using?

foolishly yours,


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4 thoughts on “Have yourself a merry inky Christmas…

  1. I used Magical Forest for my Christmas cards – I would have used Red Lustre but the envelopes were red so I went with green on red. It looked pretty nice with that silver shimmer. Love the photos!

  2. Oh, how I lust after that stunning J. Herbin Rouge Haematite – what a beauty. From here in New Zealand we do pay a bit of a premium to get hold of some of the inks and pens that Europeans have better access too. But, every now and then I go nuts and feed my fountain pen fetish! Thank you for your highly entertaining and knowledgeable reviews – they help me with my decision making on where to spend my NZ$$$. Jane

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