Spread some Christmas cheer to my local pen shop…

I realised long ago that fountain pen users are a great bunch of folks… In the light of this I thought I would ask, due to the recent floods in Cumbria (for the geographically challenged that’s Cumbria in the North West of England),you to all to check out my “local” pen and fine stationery shop in Kendal Cumbria. I say local because even for me it’s about a one hundred and ten mile round trip to get there and back. Over the last few days ‘Storm Desmond’ dropped a tremendous amount of water over the North West, heres a link to see for yourself:

Malcolm, the proprietor, is a great guy as well as a friend. As with most independent retail outlets the run up to Christmas is his best time, sales made here help him to last through the more difficult months. This year his  Christmas business is being badly hit by the floods. Many parts of our county are cut off and towns like Kendal have been awash with floodwaters. Thankfully the shop is fine but the shopping centre is deserted. What I thought was if you’re in the area pop by, show your support and buy something. If you’re not close maybe send him a message on Twitter (@iridiumkendal) or even better order some things from him online and let’s keep this independent pen and stationery shop going over this difficult time. Check out the website at http://www.iridiumkendal.co.uk

Merry Christmas!



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6 thoughts on “Spread some Christmas cheer to my local pen shop…

  1. Your link to the shop is broken/incomplete. One has to copy / paste the entire string to find the website, which is still up. Nice of you to help out a friend in the pen trade. Hope all is well for you with the weather over there. Kind regards, Pira

  2. We should all do some “local” shopping to keep the private shops open. All to often we use the internet for sales due to the prices that are so inviting, but it is the local shop that I get a lot of advice from as well as getting me answers to my questions. The service cannot be beat.

    Happy Holidays!

  3. Sincere thanks Gary… for taking the time and effort to write down a few words in support of me and other local Cumbrian businesses affected by the flooding. It means a great deal.
    Kendal is now open for ‘business as usual’ and welcomes visitors… even those who don’t like pens and ink…!

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