A Fool’s returning: A review of Diamine Graphite ink

Well, here I  am again at long last… Appearing, as it were, to suddenly break my self-imposed exile from the blogosphere. Admittedly its been a long while since my last post, some few months indeed, and for that I apologise. My exile is simply down to the fact that with two children going through University this year the budget to indulge my passion for pens, ink, and paper is non-existent. A sad but true and necessary fact, after all priorities are priorities. But here I am again due to a few ink samples kindly being sent direct from the Diamine stable to try out and review. So here’s what I think about the first of these, namely Diamine Graphite.

On Test: I immediately liked this ink. To be fair I like grey inks as a class, so I was probably already predisposed to liking it. Some find them boring I know but I don’t and like it I certainly did. In use it gives an even, dark grey, line that is a wonderful contrast to my stock Rhodia paper. In terms of the result it very much reminds me of writing with my favourite pencils. I like a sharp, clean, dark line when I’m using either a wood-cased or a mechanical pencil and the same is true of my favourite grey fountain pen inks. The shade is necessarily flat, and the ink doesn’t exhibit much shading, but that sort of fits with the idea and sensibility of a ‘graphite’ ink.

It is a free-flowing ink and, when paired with the right pen and nib (for me this was my Faber-Castell Ondoro with a smooth medium nib), it gives a really pleasurable writing experience. It somewhat reminds me of MontBlanc permanent Grey but sadly without the permanence. I would love a permanent version of this as I can certainly see a formal, business use for this ink. The dry times were good too, text being left to dry for 20 seconds on Rhodia paper is more than acceptable.

In my view Diamine inks have three great selling points. First is the quality of the ink which almost goes without saying, it is customarily well-behaved. Second, is the range of colours they provide, being well over one hundred and counting in their general range with one or two special ranges being added from time to time. Third is the price point. Diamine give what I think is excellent value for money particularly when you consider the price per ml of ink.

Summary: It doesn’t take much of the grey matter that I may have left to see that this is a good value-for-money ink. But more than this it is one that give very pleasing results. What more can you ask for?




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7 thoughts on “A Fool’s returning: A review of Diamine Graphite ink

    1. Hmmm, thanks for the comment John, and yes I can see what you mean, the light in my study seems to flatten the colour somewhat, I stand corected…

  1. I’m surprised by how much the writing sample in the photos appeals to me. Having never considered a gray ink before, you’ve got me second guessing myself. I am in agreement with you when it comes to the value proposition presented by Diamine’s line-up.

  2. If you’d like some Diamine Shimmertastic ink samples, I’d be happy to oblige. Just email me at thesislers@aol.com with your address and I can send them your way. I have the Red Lustre, Purple Pazzazz, Magical Forest, Blue Lightening and Brandy Dazzle. I’d be happy to share – I’ve already got more ink than pens and more than I can ever use by myself.

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