Cheeky Green: A Review of Pilot Iroshizuku Chiku-Rin Ink

The Iroshizuku range of inks from Pilot is well-known for their range of intriguing colours and the overall quality of the inks. I have sampled a number of them, indeed one or two of their number, namely Tsuki-Yo  (moonlight) and Tsukushi (horsetail) are up there with my all-time favourite inks.  I have to confess that ever since I saw this particular ink (bamboo forest) I have been looking forward to reviewing it, mainly because I think green inks are much undervalued and sadly ink manufacturers don’t help in this by producing inks that are boring, so I’m happy to see an ‘out of the ordinary’ shade like this..

Presentation: No time to waste here, the ink comes in the same sophisticated and quality bottle and box combo as all the rest in the range. Truly excellent presentation!

On Test: I think that this particular shade is one of the more quirky and intriguing shades of green that I have bought. In some ways the shade reminds me a little of R&K’s Alt Goldgrun which I like too. It’s one of those inks that, to me at any rate, looks different when dry than it does initially when wet on the paper.

When wet this ink looked fairly light on the swatch but through the pen came out somewhat darker with some interesting shading qualities. The shade varied initially from an almost pea green through to a medium olive, which  I like a lot. On drying the shade evens out a little, which is disappointing, but is still quite pleasing to the eye. As with all the inks within this range, their lack of water resistance can be an irritation, but the beautiful aesthetic qualities of the ink along with their free-flowing properties is still as beguiling as ever.

Summary: All in all I think this is another worthy member of the Iroshizuku range. Prices here in the UK can vary wildly from £16 online to mid £30’s so it’s not for the faint hearted, but if like me you’re into green inks I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.



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