Selling today…. Time to thin the pen herd.

 Due to the need to help a family member out I’ve got some pens to sell… Preferably  within the UK if possible. Most have been reviewed on my site if you want to browse some pictures

1. Edison Hudson F nib in green.

2. Conklin Stylograph mosaic.

3. Sailor Reglus F nib in orange.

4. Vintage Conway Stewart 12 in purple swirl.

5 Franklin Christoph M27 radiant red with Masuyama  broad stub nib.

6. Kaweco  Art Sport Aksehir .

7. Visconti Homo Sapiens Bronze Age B nib (only used once).

8. F/C M27 chrome and black with m nib

Message me  on Twitter or leave a comment if anyone is interested. Cheers


PS Hopefully be back blogging soon


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11 thoughts on “Selling today…. Time to thin the pen herd.

  1. Hy,how much do you want for the Visconti Homo Sapiens and the Franklin Christoph M27 radiant red??

  2. Those look great, and a couple of those are ones I’d love to own. That Homo Sapiens it’s just amazing. Sadly I can’t afford them. I sure hope you get the money you need, and your family issue works out.

  3. Howdy: You have the Franklin Christoph M40P ‘Fire & Ice’ in the picture, but not in the list. Is that one for sale? Thanks!

      1. Thanks – I was curious of the listing – I was not actually in the market – I just thought others might be confused too. 🙂

  4. How much are you asking for the FC 27 with stub?

    I have tweeted you but I don’t understand twitter very well so I’ll try here as well.

  5. If you don’t get any bites on the Homo Sapien in the UK and want to throw it over the pond I would be interested. Hope everything works out with family.

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