Clearly colourful: A review of the TWSBI 580 RB

Hesitation is the enemy of progress, or so they say…  To be honest I’ve hesitated a fair bit about reviewing this pen simply because apart from the different finial, coloured cap, section and piston fill cap, it is basically the same pen as the 580 about which I’ve already waxed lyrical here.

But then I thought I would take the time and effort to at least showcase this pen because it is attractive and also because I want to comment on a few issues I’ve heard of surrounding this particular brand. To be honest I also have the 580 AL in orange, which I will take the time to comment on separately, mainly due to the ‘upgrade’ in some of the parts on that model.

Description: So here we have the 580 RB… What sets this apart from the ordinary 580? Well it’s all about the colours. This is one of those pens that causes more comments from the uninitiated than most. Yes it still has the piston filling mechanism; yes its still remarkable value, but for most people the colour is the thing! Bold blue and red set this pen off nicely.

On Test: I got this with a 1.1mm stub. I wanted the stub as my previous 580 stalwart came with a fine nib, which is my usual preference, and I wanted to play around with this pen and nib combination.

The nib was perfectly acceptable as it was but I decided to smooth it out some more with micromesh and mylar. The result is very good, at least for me. The nib is very smooth and glides across the paper with absolutely no effort. That, along with a stub’s natural line variation capability makes it an ideal partner for letter writing.

I’ve been using it with Waterman blue-black (now called ‘Mysterious blue’) and have been enjoying it immensely. I like the pen’s large ink capacity anyway and it has made it into my daily carry.

Issues: I should say right out that I’ve had none so I can only take these pens as I find them. I know some complain about cracking, but its not something that I’ve seen on any of the three pens I have. I have also heard that TWSBI are very good in terms of customer services anyway so that’s good.

Summary: A great value pen that is contemporary stylish and fun to use, what more do you want? Hope you enjoy the pictures in the gallery, let me know of your experiences with this pen



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