White city looker: A Review of the Kaweco Art Sport ‘Aksehir’ fountain pen

Looks can be everything… In the West I think its true to say that in general we live in a very image based culture… What a person or thing looks like is often taken as being most important factor. It might be shallow but there it is. None of us are free from it. Not even pen lovers… In fact we might be worse than others, often at the mercy of that good-looking pen that we can’t put out of our minds until we’ve succumbed and acquired it. For my Monday night review I’m reviewing a pen that is a real looker, in fact I think that’s its raison d’être.

Description:  The Kaweco Sport is a truly classic pocket pen; this familiar pocket fountain pen design is over 100 years old and thankfully still going strong! I own three in total, a Classic, a blue AL and this ART Sport. The one I’m reviewing here is the black and white ART Sport Aksehir (Aksehir means white city). It simply consists of the oversize octagonal cap  with the monogram ‘Kaweco ART Sport’ on one of the facets and the Kaweco logo in silver on the top. The barrel is simply cylindrical and connects to the small, slightly concave grip section. A detachable clip can be bought for these pens finished in either gold or chrome. This one boasts the chrome clip.

The attractive and characteristically small nib is  steel, made by Bock in Germany and has the Kaweco logo as well as ‘Germany’  and ‘since 1863′ engraved on it.

Dimensions: The whole reason for this series of pen is its small size. When closed it is a mere 105mm long and is designed to be used posted when it transforms into a 135mm long usable pen. Crucially though short it is not too narrow. This design’s ingenuity means that the Sport finds a beloved niche in many fountain pen users arsenal. This ART series takes this utilitarian pen one step further though in terms of its sheer aesthetic. These are produced from bespoke cast acrylic resins in a range of eight attractive colours.

On Test: The writing experience that the Sport range of fountain pens gives is legendary. This one is fitted with a fine nib and is no exception. These nibs are easily interchangeable and come in a range from EF through to BB. This particular F nib was acceptable from the off but I decided to smooth it out a touch with some micromesh and mylar and the result is phenomenal. A truly fine line that is smoothness itself.

This ART sport gives a lot of pleasure, slightly heavier than the Classic, but not bey much , it feels secure in the hand and is a comfortable writing instrument capable of being used extensively without fatigue. The key to this edition though is the look. That’s what you’ll pay the extra for if you were to buy one. It’s a well-designed fountain pen but the extra cost is all about the aesthetic.

The ‘Aksehir’ is a beautifully stark black and white marbled acrylic. I like it a lot. It’s complex and stylish and is sure to draw some comments in use. Mine came with a converter and cartridges, and now as with all of the pens I own in this series I don’t bother with the converter so much. I almost exclusively prefer the simplicity of using cartridges.

Summary: As a  lover of the design of the Kaweco Sport I’m biased toward a kindly review. These pens continue to be a part of my everyday writing practice but the price of this edition has to be taken into account. They will cost at least three to four times the price of a Classic or Skyline Sport in the UK, wgich might not be to everyone’s taste. You can see them and buy one in the UK from the good folks at the Penshed here



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5 thoughts on “White city looker: A Review of the Kaweco Art Sport ‘Aksehir’ fountain pen

  1. I was not happy with this pen, it does not look at all lie the picture on the Kaweco site. There is not much mixing of resin colors. It writes fine like all of them but the extra $ should assure it looks at least somewhat to the advertised picture, which was gorgeous.

    1. Thanks for the comment Sandy, I checked out the picture of the Aksehir on the Kaweco site, mine seems fairly like the one on there, how different is the one you have?

  2. Hi! I love your reviews and I share your love for Kaweco Sport pens. Please, if you think of selling your Aksehir Art Sport please contact me. I’ve been looking for one for a long time and I can’t find one for sale anywhere.

    Keep on the good work!

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