Blue heaven: A Review of Diamine 150th Anniversary ‘Blue velvet’ ink

How do you eat your meals? In my family there are two types of people, the seagulls (like me) who just demolish everything on the plate all at once, and then there’s Matthew, in a set all of his own… interestingly enough it’s his twentieth birthday today… (happy birthday son!). He alone among our nest orders his plate and eats the ingredients mainly in order always leaving his favourite part of the food, whatever that may be, to last. This last portion he tends to savour and always finishes his meals happy. Perhaps there’s something to be said for saving the best for last, or as psychologists would say delayed gratification, in many areas of life. In a sense I hope that  this is what I’ve manged to do with this series of reviews of the Diamine 150th anniversary inks which ends with this post. I’ve certainly saved what I think is a good ink for last, one that is among my favourites, along with the Terracotta and the Safari. So here goes with the review of ‘Blue velvet’ ink.

Presentation: Please see the series overview post for my thoughts.

P1010652On Test: This vivacious shade of blue is in my opinion one of the stars of this series of inks. It is a beautifully balanced and saturated ink that is a delight to use. The ink swatch really pops off the page and shows off this true blue colour. the ink varies in tone depending on the  wetness of the nib that is used but is capable of beautiful variation when used with the right combination. In my test I firstly used my vintage Mentmore which is very wet, the resultant script being quite dark and even. Switching up to a fine nibbed Pilot Metropolitan showed the inks lighter side and capacity for shading. I’ve also been impressed with the dry time with this ink which has consistently comes out well under twenty seconds

Summary: I’ve enjoyed using this ink and it is easily one of my favourites from this series. If you’re looking for a lively and attractive blue ink this might just be blue heaven for you. For me it is one that I will put in my regular rotation. It hasn’t quite dislodged Sailor Jentle Sky High from its place as my all time favourite blue ink, but then again I’m not sure what would.



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