Mean green: A review of Diamine 150th Anniversary ‘Safari’ ink

I love movies, watching them either at home or at the cinema… and I love being reminded of my favourite movies, of which there are many… Whether it’s the visual splendour of ‘Avatar’ and ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ or the memorable musical score of John Cusack’s ‘Grosse Point Blank’ or the haunting scenes of films like  ‘Platoon’ or ‘Apocalypse Now’ it’s all good. It was these latter powerful military movies of which I was reminded when first using this moody green ink redolent of the green of both the South-East Asian jungle itself and  the uniforms of the American G.I.’s who fought there.

The chosen name for the ink is a less controversial one, which is understandable, something that evokes different imagery entirely, but for me it has an almost military bearing. So let’s get it on parade!

Presentation: See the series overview page for details (I won’t have to repeat that for much longer I hope…)

On Test: Right from the start I liked this ink. The shade is intriguing with something of an earthy, visceral quality. It is something of an off-beat shade and to me that is attractive in and of itself. There is also a pleasant amount of shading to be seen when using the right pen and nib combination. I think this ink repays the use of broader and/or more flexible nib options which can bring out the shading capabilities. Too wet of a nib and the ink is dark and brooding, use something a tad drier and the subtle olive tones come into play and give this generously unassuming ink a new lease of life.

I found this particular ink to be very well-behaved, even when in my somewhat temperamental Noodlers Ahab pen which I decided to fill with this ink to give it a good going over.

Summary: To my mind this is one of the star shades of the 150th anniversary series from Diamine. Quirky and offbeat, yet relaxed and earthy, the tone is pleasant on the eye and warrants further investigation. I’ll definitely be using this ink as a regular in my 2015 InCoWriMo correspondence.



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6 thoughts on “Mean green: A review of Diamine 150th Anniversary ‘Safari’ ink

  1. I’ve been waiting for this review. ^_^ Gorgeous. I have a soft spot in my heart for brown and green inks. Thanks for the review.

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