Always a gentleman: A review of Waterman blue-black ink

I was always taught as a child that a change is as good as a rest… So in that vein I have decided to take a short (one review) break from the series of reviews I’m doing on Diamine 150th anniversary inks by reviewing an ink that I’ve had a very long association with, namely Waterman blue-black. Actually this review started as more of a whim in that I needed to fill my TWSBI 580 RB to test out a newly smoothed 1.1mm stub nib and grabbed this rather old bottle that just happened to be in arms reach.

As soon as I started writing with this ink the memories flooded back and I remembered why for many years this was the only ink I ever used. Back in those days, long before blogging was born, I had only one or two fountain pens, which I used regularly for work, and had never felt the desire to venture away from this refined, well-mannered shade.

Presentation: It is probably unfair to comment on this too much as the ink I’m using is over fifteen years old  so tha packaging is not current. I think the bottle shape is still the same however and it is one that I have always liked, particularly for having the  ability to be angled allowing the last few drops of ink to be harvested and used.

On Test: What struck me first of all was how beautiful and serene this shade of ink is. Along with that was the remembrance of many a folio written so easily with this ink as a trusty companion. In terms of the shade it is a fairly light shade of blue-black, particularly compared with some others I know. Its delicate shade is the epitome of restfulness as it dries, the shade lightening ever so slightly on the page. I was surprised at how quickly it dried on my review paper, less than 20 seconds using a fairly broad stub nib.

Writing with this ink made me feel good about my writing and that is, in many ways, the bottom line with an ink is it not? It almost made me want to write well just to do the ink justice which can’t be a bad thing (or am I just weird… actually don’t answer that)

Summary: I have to say that my experience with this and indeed all my Waterman inks is always positive. It may be said by some that they lack some of the glitz and pizzazz of other makes but they persist in being subtly but distinctly classy. I dare say that when my penchant for other inks has long past I’ll still be penning letters with this old and trusted friend.



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4 thoughts on “Always a gentleman: A review of Waterman blue-black ink

  1. This, and Pelikan Blue/black are my favourite examples of the colour. The Pelikan is more on the grey/black side, as I recall, and slightly “dry” – good for finicky paper, or taming an overly wet pen.

  2. A good review, well written as always, I’m just beginning with my second blue-black, the ESS Registrars and finding it excellent, plus a good degree of waterproofness to boot.

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