Fantastic Mr Fox? A Review of Diamine 150th Anniversary Silver Fox ink

Balance is less of a science than an art… Not so much the act of merely staying upright, though having said that with the winter weather some of us have that can be difficult too. Rather I mean the art of not being flung into extremes, the ability to hold things in tension and deal with the odd paradox of life, indeed to deal with the grey areas that we all come across. I’m musing about this as I write on a cold Wednesday night with  another in the series of Diamine inks  – this time a silver-grey, it’s an ink that if I had to some up with a word it would be… balanced. Anyway here’s the review.

Presentation: As usual, to avoid needless repetition, please see the overview post for comments on presentation.

On Test: Silver Fox is an easy-going silver-grey shade. Some have stated n other reviews that it is too cold, but then again do you know many warm greys? In terms of comparing this ink it should be noted that it has some stiff opposition from other greys. The Pilot Iroshizuku range has two greys, namely Kiri-Same and Fuyu-Syogun. Montblanc have at least three: Oyster Grey, Permanent Grey and Albert Einstein. Alongside these J Herbin’s Stormy Grey has catapulted itself into the very forefront of consideration when weighing up grey inks. All these have strong selling points in their favour so Silver Fox is going to have to do a lot to get noticed.

Generally I found that it behaves very well. It flows well and shows some degree of shading. It also appears to be slightly more water-resistant than is the norm with Diamine inks which is nice. Though silvery in tone, there is not much sheen to be observed though it avoids fading into the background and is dark enough to be employed in general writing. The line it leaves is sleek and subtle but still easily visible. It holds a good balance between light and dark. It is a very good grey and will repay sustained use with a refined resultant script. It obviously doesn’t have the mercurial golden sparkle of Stormy Grey, and it is not as downright intriguing as Fuyu-Syogun, but it provides a pleasing writing experience.

Summary: I like to think myself as something of a lover of grey ink, and having used this ink for a while now I can say that while I like this ink I’m not sure it will ever be in my top two or three favourite grey inks. The problem is not with this ink, it’s a fantastically balanced, cool, silver-grey. It is well worthy of use, but the problem lies with its competitors, some of whom are simply stunning. I hope in saying all this I’m not damning this ink by faint praise, for that isn’t my intent. I hope you enjoy it. I have.



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