Going Green: A Review of Diamine 150th Anniversary Tropical Green

First impressions count, or so they say... However they don’t always count for everything and sometimes can just be plain wrong. How boring would the world be if everything and everybody in it could be sized up and assayed in the twinkling of an eye. Where would be surprise and the joy of the quest? One of the problems is that we live in an age where we just don’t want to admit to be wrong about anything, ever. It’s weakness we’re told, never admit you were wrong, never apologise. However the lessons of history tell us that oft it is only when we confess to our mistakes that we find true maturity and freedom.

What does this have to do with an ink review you may well ask? Well here is another example of my first impression needing to be somewhat corrected. Initially my thoughts echoed those of other reviews where this ink was a weaker member of this series and somewhat of a ho-hum addition  to the ranks of green inks, but I have found  “on further review” that this is not necessarily so.

Presentation: See my earlier comments on the series overview post.

On Test: In general green inks are often unsung workhorses. Undervalued against their more strident competitors they quietly abide in the background of many a fountain pen user’s palette, which is  a shame, especially if that were to be said of this ink. Shades of green offer an avenue of opulence in our writing while still being out of the ordinary. This ink is no exception. It is a fulminating green that is redolent of the deep dark fauna one would see in the variegated canopy of a tropical rainforest.

All the usual comments of this series so far are true, it is, as would be expected, well-behaved. It flows well from the nib being a  nicely lubricated ink. The colour is vivid with good saturation, and there is a surprising amount of shading to be seen when used with the right nib. It dries quickly enough not to be irksome but displays no water resistance to speak of.

Summary: In my use Diamine’s Tropical Green has turned out to be something of a dark horse and in no way disappointing. If you’re not acquainted with good deep green inks then why not give it a try, who knows you might find yourself going green after all.



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3 thoughts on “Going Green: A Review of Diamine 150th Anniversary Tropical Green

  1. Good little review. This is the only one of the 150th Inks I have at the moment, but I plan on checking out some of the others based on your reviews.

    I agree with you 100% on the underatedness of greens. That’s the reason I bought it. I wanted an ink that I could use in the office that wasn’t some combination of black and blue. A dark green is good for all occasions.

    1. Thanks Adam, appreciate the comment, I’m messing around with the Silver Fox and the Safari colours at present…

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