The Pen is poised: Anticipating & Advocating #InCoWriMo 2015

OK another year is now in full swing… gone are the Christmas decorations along with the tree and by now mouldy turkey and hardened leftover cheese. The question now is what do we do to keep our spirits up through the bleak quarter of January through March as we weather the financial and calorific cost of the past festive season and await the cheery warmth of Spring that still seems so far off?

Well we could do worse than put pen to paper and write, for it’s time again to speak about the upcoming International Correspondence Writing Month or InCoWriMo for short, often seen on such social media platforms as Twitter with the hashtag thus #InCoWriMo. This February, as I sit here on a cold gloomy Thursday evening huddled around my laptop, only a mere nine days hence,  will see the start of the 2015 incarnation of this worthy event. The challenge ahead, as every year, is to once more pledge to handwrite and mail a letter every day during the month of February. To whom you write is completely your choice, it can be family members, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, long-lost loves, politicians, or even complete strangers!

Last year was my first time and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. It got a little strained part way through but I managed to soldier on. I eventually got some replies too which was exciting, and only one letter returned to sender out of the whole bunch sent. So I’m pleased to announce that after some thought (and a recent quick trip to a stationery shop) I’m up for it once again! But I’ve decided to share a few tips I learned last year, I hope that you find them helpful.

P10105861. Try to keep your letters short, particularly introductory ones. This saves time, postage cost and stops the letter-writing becoming a chore…

2. Make sure you have enough supplies…nothing worse than running out unexpectedly. Oh BTW pen and stationery shops need the business, go buy some nice paper and ink… (or even a pen!)

3. Try and mix up to whom you’re sending the letters. Writing twenty-eight introductory letters  one after another could be taxing.

4. If your enthusiasm starts to flag mix up those pen and ink combinations. I try to write on each page with a different but related shade of ink

5. Take it slow and use the opportunity to work on your handwriting. Handwriting, like many things, improves the more you do it, so get to some serious letter writing…

6. The useful resource of people who wish to correspond and their addresses can be found at the InCoWriMo website.

7. Don’t worry if after a few days you haven’t received any letters, they’ll be along in good time!

I would encourage anyone to participate and if that recommendation alone  is not enough listen  to the esteemed Professor Tarquin Dangleberry who also says it is a good idea, and he seems to be a sensible chap, see him here.

If for any reason you would like me to write you a letter then please comment on this post leaving an address. You don’t need to write back although of course it would be lovely if you did… Or just write me and I’ll answer, my details are over at the InCoWriMo website. Happy writing!



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19 thoughts on “The Pen is poised: Anticipating & Advocating #InCoWriMo 2015

  1. Hello Mr. Brown. I will be sending you a Birthday card next month. But no more silly paper cars like last year.
    I have a request. Do you think Professor Tarquin Dangleberry might reply to my letter? Or perhaps Lord Windemere?
    My address is:
    Pamela Keown
    2002 Main Street
    Des Arc, Arkansas
    72040-3118 USA
    If you could pass it along I would be ever so greatful.
    Respectfully, Your fan,

    1. Pam i think you are getting your Mr Browns crossed, SBRE Brown and I share the same surname, but he’s in the Netherlands and I’m in the UK 🙂

      1. So sorry Mr. Brown. You were correct. Thank you for letting me know. (and sorry for the LATE reply)

  2. I’m printing your suggestions as I’m a newbie to InCoWriMo, and they’re very helpful! Your site was recommended to me on Instagram. I would love to receive a letter from you and I’d be happy to write you back as well (I am sorry to say I don’t write using fountain pens! I don’t know if that is a deal-breaker.). Here is my info:
    Melissa Hungria, 1205 S Cheyenne Ct, Tacoma, WA 98405 United States

    Thank you and happy letter writing!

    1. Hi Melissa, Thanks for taking he trouble to leave such a nice comment, I’m glad you found it helpful. I’m more than happy to write to you, whatever you write with :). Do you not like fountain oens?

      1. I have two, certainly nothing fancy, but neither have worked for me. A Pilot-petit and some kind of clear one which forces you to put your fingers in place. I’d have to look up my jetpens order. I have small hands and short fingers, my tripod grasp is very close to the tip, and I tend to print and not use cursive (as a kindergarten teacher, I have very nice printing skills!). I don’t know how to go about trying a fountain pen. I would also need stationery that’s accepting of fountain pen ink, as I’ve found some fountain pen inks are fickle. With that background, is there a pen you could suggest?

  3. I am quite intrigued with the blue in with the (gold?) sheen in the photos. Would you please let tell what it is. I have scoured my collection and can’t find anything like it.

    Thanks and regards,


    1. Hi, thanks for the comment…The blue ink in question is Waterman South Sea blue now renamed Inspired blue, it produces a red sheen when used with Tomoe river paper

  4. I very much enjoy your blog, and I think that your articles are very well researched and written. Your writing has real style. I would like to write to you as part of 2015 InCoWriMo, as I am participating in this for the first time this year. Where can I find your postal address, please? I’ve had a look on their website, but could not find it.

  5. I’ve found your address (from your post about 2014 InCoWriMo) so I’ll write you a letter. I live in Australia, so it could take a week or so to get to you, but it will come!

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