Love at first write: A review of Diamine 150th Anniversary Terracotta

I think it was Shakespeare who penned, “Whoever loved who did not love at first sight..” If it wasn’t him then it really should have been, for the phrase captures the essential illogic and impulse of attraction. Such are my sentiments as I write-up this present review of ‘Terracotta’ the latest of my Diamine 1864 150th anniversary ink reviews. To be honest I knew I would be something of a sucker for this shade before even putting nib to bottle.

The term terracotta comes from the Latin, ‘terra cotta’ (who knew) meaning ‘baked earth’ and commonly describes an earthy orange colour redolent of many an old-fashioned tiled kitchen floor that I remember from my youth. Common enough from flower pots to ancient warriors its warm tone has always been one that I have liked. So here’s the review…

Presentation: In regard to this please refer to my earlier series overview post here.

On Test: Terracotta certainly scored highly for me.  Smooth? Absolutely! Indeed I can honestly say that I’ve not tired of using this ink yet, I find the tones rich and warming. With my review pen I was quite surprised that I got some great shading with this ink, the force of colour ranging from a pale rust to a deep burnt toffee colour. After writing it also displayed a decent drying time of between 20 and 30 seconds on Rhodia paper even with a very wet nib. As with all this series so far it behaves impreccably and is easy to use but displays little to no water resistance.

In terms of simlar ink there are many more orange/browns around these days. Some I’m particularly fond of include the ubiquitously popular Noodlers Apache sunset which is much brighter and lighter in tone than the terracotta. Another two worthy of comparison are Diamine’s own Ancient Copper and Burnt Sienna. I’ve always liked the former but the latter has also grown on me lately. Terracotta is less red than the deep rusty tones of either of these stablemates. It is a somewhat paler, truer orange tone than both of these without becoming too bright and thus losing its earthy nature. It adds to the orange/brown spectrum nicely.

Summary: I think that this ink is truly a knock-out, easy to use and easy on the eye, it is my favourite shade in this series so far. A great addition to my collection of orange and brown inks it’s one that I’ll use regularly.



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3 thoughts on “Love at first write: A review of Diamine 150th Anniversary Terracotta

  1. This is my favorite brown ink so far. A true terracotta color, looks exactly like my mom’s flower pots. 🙂 the shading on this ink is also very beautiful. thanks for the review. i enjoyed the photos. 🙂

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