An Electric Friend: A short review of Caran d’Ache Electric Orange Ink

‘It’s cold outside, and the paint’s peeling off of my walls
There’s a man outside, in a long coat, grey hat, smoking a cigarette’

No, that’s not a description of where I live, though strangely it fits to some degree :), but rather some great lyrics from Gary Numan’s “Are Friends Electric?” you can watch it here a recording of an “Old Grey Whistle Test” performance. If you don’t know or remember the Old Grey Whistle Test, do me a favour, keep it to yourself…

I ripped off the title of the song for this review of a ‘Electric Orange’, a premium ink from the Swiss manufacturer Caran d’Ache. For most of us ‘normal’ members of the pen community who aren’t particularly wealthy or sponsored by pen retailers buying premium inks is costly, and so needs a fair bit of thought. I happen to love orange inks, and I got this on a recent visit to Penfax, a fine writing store in Hexham, Northumberland, and I can tell you that this ink is not cheap! so lets see if it is worth it!

Presentation: I have to say that the Chromatics series of ink are wonderfully presented. That might not matter to you or indeed me as they inevitably add to the cost of the ink but the stylish, high quality box and bottle are works of art in and of themselves. The hexagonal box is probably the nicest ink container I’ve seen.

The bottle doesn’t disappoint either. The wide hexagonal chromed cap has the Cd’A logo etched into it. The bottle follows the hexagonal style, designed to remind us of a prism, the raison d’être of the Chromatics series. Designed to rest at an angle on the desk, the bottle is designed to allow access to the last drop of ink. To do this properly you need to retain at least the base of the box, not that I think many will throw it away anyhow… It is a wonderfully tactile bottle and is sure to stand out on any desk and draw comments on its own merit.

On Test: However the rubber only truly hits the road when the ink is unleashed, and what a splash it makes. You can check the photographs in the attached gallery to see just how vivid the colour is here. It is a truly bright orange. I really like that because it doesn’t have the often pink or peach undertones that other favourite orange inks possess. It is a genuinely bold orange. You can see the difference between shades on the small comparison i did with Noodlers Apache Sunset and Cult Pens/Diamine Deep Dark Orange (another two favourites of mine)

The ink is very smooth, as you would expect at this price. It is actually my first use of this series and the electric orange certainly lives up to its name. Bright, incredibly bright in fact, it blazes across and lights up the page as you go. I didn’t find any significant shading as I wrote with this ink and it should be noted that it’s not water-resistant, though why you would really need a water-resistant orange ink I don’t know. But for sheer in your face colour I don’t know many inks that would match this.

Summary: I can’t really say whether thus ink is worth the price for anyone but myself. I bought it with some money I’d received as a Christmas gift and will enjoy using this exuberant ink to the last. Recipients of my upcoming InCoWriMo15 letters better use sunglasses!

Hope you enjoy the review, feel free to tell me what you think.



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