Ding Dong: Some great Inks for the festive season…

We’re now in the final fortnight before Christmas… and I’m sure that the overly organised amongst us will be sitting back, already pleased that all their Christmas gifts are bought and wrapped and the cards have been written and posted (that’s mailed to our US friends)… and then there is the other 99% of us still left scratching our heads as to what to give or send to whom…

So today I thought I’d help with a few of my own recommendations for festive inks. I’ve chosen three red inks and three green inks that you might want to buy, use for yourself, or give to that special pen-obsessed relative or friend. I’ve done individual reviews on each of these in the past so feel free to look them up in the archives for more details. Hope you enjoy them all!

The Reds – Up first are three great red inks to think about: Kaweco Ruby Red, Diamine Red Dragon and J Herbin 1670 Rouge Hematite. The Kaweco is a lovely red ink that stands out from the crowd, a true ruby, its soft darker undertones and shading mean this is a really classy ink. Next up is the Diamine. Truly this ink is one of my all time favourite reds. Complex, luxuriant and full-bodied it’s a real stunner. Finally the J Herbin 1670 Rouge Hematite is one of those inks that when used it makes me wonder why I ever use anything else. The colour variation with this ink is lovely. I love the way the ink develops its shade as it dries.

Team Green – I’ve chosen three of my favourite green inks for Christmas. First up is Rohrer & Klingner’s Alt-Goldgrun (Old golden green). This is something of a quirky shade of green that may appeal to those who want something out of the ordinary! It’s a great looking ink and really good value too. The next offering is Waterman’s Harmonious Green. Soft and refined with a tiny of teal it really looks the part. A truly great writing ink that is a pleasure to use. Finally we have Omas Green. I think the “O” in Omas should stand for opulent for that is exactly what this green is, the most classicly festive green of the chosen three, it is liquid silk to use. This ink is also beautifully presented in its octagonal bottle, for me it’s a real winner!

Summary: If I have to choose just one ink from each category for this Christmas I’m likely to go for the combination of the Omas Green and the Diamine Red Dragon, or the Rouge Hematitite…or the Waterman.. Oh well… hope you’re better at making these sort of decisions than I am.



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4 thoughts on “Ding Dong: Some great Inks for the festive season…

  1. Those look really good, and very festive. I used red ink last year (Noodler’s Apache Sunset) for my cards and letters. It does make what you write really pop compared to the usual black or blue ballpoint. Any excuse to really use those more outrageous colours.

    I have a sample of Rouge Hematite on it’s way, but probably not in time to write out my cards. I’m using the new J Herban in that collection the, elusive, Stormy Grey. The gold flakes look very magical, and grey is the real colour of British Christmas 🙂

    That said I’ve found it’s very inconsistent with how much gold you get per letter. Sometimes it’s practically gilded, but other times there’s nary a sparkle to be seen.

    1. Stormy grey certainly fits the bill for us northerners at Christmas 🙂 it’s usually one or the other where I live for certain.

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