Back in black: A short review of Kaweco Pearl Black ink

I’ve never been someone who likes the ‘default settings’ of life…. because of this I have tended to avoid black inks. My thinking has been simply that there are many more interesting colours out there so why settle for black, especially if I wanted to write with black ink I could simply pick up a rollerball… or even worse a ballpoint!

But perhaps another adjustment needs to be made, particularly in the light of receiving this bottle of ink from Kaweco themselves to review. It is called ‘pearl black’, at least that’s what it said on the delivery note, though not on the bottle.

Presentation: Kaweco pearl black comes in a pleasing 30ml bottle which is nicely labelled. I prefer larger bottles generally but 30ml still lasts a long time except for perhaps the most intensive of user. As this came from Kaweco I’m unsure about the box it would come in when bought. Mine arrived in a clear plastic box but I don’t know if this is standard

On Test: This ink was a pleasure to use, it dried extremely quickly, even on my stock Rhodia dot grid test paper. In fact it dried so fast that I had to test it twice…  It is well-behaved and with my test pen, which on this occasion was a moonlight purple Franklin Christoph M-14 with a 1.1mm stub nib, left a luxuriously smooth black line. Its a true black with no other undertones that my naked eye can see. I was only disappointed with the close-up picture of the swatch that I took as it didn’t catch that as much as I had hoped. Please note that this ink isn’t water-resistant so you would need to bear this in mind for formal documents and the like.

Summary: This series of ink has some great highlights, the electric blue and ruby red to name but two, it looks like pearl black will join them. Who knows I might even load up a pen with this and be truly back in black.



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