Pretty Pink: A short review of Diamine Coral ink

I‘m a big believer in bright inks for grey days… (see my last review of Noodler’s Dragon’s Napalm) so here’s another intense, almost day-glo pinkish shade of orange ink from my favourite ink manufacturer, Diamine. This time it is Diamine Coral.

Presentation: Diamine ink bottles are what they are. I like them, a little old school but great volume and value when compared to other manufacturers.

On Test: To my, admittedly subjective, eye this ink is slightly pinker in hue than the aforementioned Noodler’s and a touch paler. It still has wow factor as one writes with it and again I imagine its use is somewhat limited because of its intensity. For me it will be another in my small stock of highlighter inks, though the fact that it isn’t water-resistant hampers this. I know some have bought this ink to go with the Lamy Safari in Coral – which I imagine is a good match, I like the idea of matching inks with pens. To be honest I’m not a great fan of Lamy Safari or the AL Star, but that’s another story…

I don’t know if it is the time of year or the wet climate but the dry time of this ink seemed longer than other Diamine inks, somewhat akin to the Dragon’s Napalm so if you’re using it, be aware, perhaps you might want a coffee break while waiting for the ink to dry. Apart from this it is as well-behaved as you would expect from Diamine.

Summary: For many I think this will be another love it or hate it ink. It will find a use in terms of highlighting and some creative corners and as with all the vast range of Diamine inks it’s cheap enough to buy on a whim… enjoy!

NB: The gallery pictures of this ink dont really capture the shade to the eye. The photographs come out much more orange than what you see with the naked eye…



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5 thoughts on “Pretty Pink: A short review of Diamine Coral ink

  1. I’ve got a bottle of this to use in a highlighter (my Coral Lamy Safari), and those pictures do look more orange than in reality. It’s a good ink, but I don’t really see myself writing with it. Even my sappy love letters would be better suited to a red (maybe even rose scented…) ink. Still it is a fun shade.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Couldnt get the photographs to show the shade as i see it no matter how much I tried. I can see it being a fun colour though…

  2. Got Diamine Orange and it really added some punch. It’s kind of like thinking out of the box kind of ink. Not brown, not blue, not black, not green, not purple; just something vivid that brings it’s own bright mood.

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