Anyone for Terry’s? A short review of Cult Pens/Diamine ‘deep dark orange’

I’m not sure that the ‘anyone for Terry’s’ title will resonate if you’re not at least my age or from the UK. Just so you know, Terry’s manufacture chocolate, and were famous in my household at least for their ‘Chocolate Orange’ which we used to receive as a present at Christmas time… I used to look forward to opening one up and devouring the chocolate orangeyness inside.

I was equally infused with anticipation lately by the production of another of the Cult Pens/Diamine deep dark series’ collaboration. I’ve been a fan of this series thus far (particularly of the blue, brown and purple) and as is well-known have something of a penchant for all things orange, particularly in terms of pens and inks… So it was, to use the Americanism, a ‘no brainer’ for me to get hold of some of this, so here is my review.

Presentation: Times being as they are I only purchased the 30ml bottle so there isn’t much to say about this aspect. The bottle is plastic and contains approximately 30ml. Although I do have to again applaud Diamine for offering this size of bottle for so little money, simply as I see it as ideal with which to both experiment and give away to friends (helping to spread the good news as it were).

On Test: One three syllable word covers my feelings of this ink on test. Am-az-ing! This is a delightfully complex, free-flowing ink that just draws you into extravagant writing. It is the epitome of a recreational  ink, though the quirky darkness of it means that it will find a variety of uses from the creative to the formal.

When looking at the swatch you could easily be fooled into seeing simply a bright orange, nice but not out of the ordinary. But in truth the joy is found when the ink flows through the nib of a ready fountain pen. The shading produced by writing is beautiful and gives a myriad of tones from bright to burnt orange and brown. My test pen produced a wonderful smokey orange that I found simply exquisite. I’ve not used an ink in a while that has such a wonderful balance between intense colour and writing pleasure. It is obviously not water-resistant which to me is its only drawback. as for everything else, especially good old-fashioned value for money it is excellent!

Summary: Have a look for yourselves at the pictures and then go and buy some of this ink, if you’re not familiar with the website you can find it here. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I certainly wasn’t. By the way Cult Pens/Diamine  if you read this, I’d really like this colour in a waterproof ink too, there’s a dear.



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