Welcome back Blue: A short review of J Herbin ‘Bleu Nuit’

After  a more prolonged absence than expected I return to blogging… Why was I away? Many reasons, work, holiday, but I confess that most of all there was a need to reclaim the joy of it. I’m sure you understand. Well today we’re back, so here we go…

Presentation: There’s  a touch of Gallic class to the way this series of inks is presented. To some they are a little dull, personally I like it. The box is attractive and has something of a classic look to it. The bottle is well labelled and has the characteristic pen rest, which I confess I hardly use but I think it adds to the character of the whole. I might prefer a bigger bottle with a larger opening, but that’s another story.

On Test: I find this to be a fine mid to dark blue ink. On my tests (and there have been a few) it has behaved impeccably. I say mid to dark because of the difference that I get with a finer nib. When used with my Sailor Reglus for example the effect is a fine blue line with a shade that reminds me of the blue used in period Wedgwood pottery. It has a refined and delicate feel to it. When a wetter and broader nib is used as on my test the ink is visibly darker but no less refined.

The ink dries fairly quickly (anything under thirty seconds on the Rhodia paper I use as standard is fine with me) and although there isn’t a great deal of shading to be seen it is quite an engaging shade.

Summary: A great looking blue ink that will give your correspondence a classic look. as they come in small 30 ml bottles you may wish to look at some alternatives that may offer better value but it takes a while to get through 30 ml too!



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3 thoughts on “Welcome back Blue: A short review of J Herbin ‘Bleu Nuit’

  1. Great to see you back. I thought you might have fallen onto an EF nib and done yourself in 🙂

    Great review on the ink. J Herbin is a brand I haven’t really tried before. Though that’ll soon change with the release next month of their “Stormy Grey”. A dark grey with golden flakes? Sign me up!

    Speaking of grey inks did you ever receive the sample of Montblanc Permanent grey I sent?

    1. Hi mate
      Sorry for the lack of reply, it was a longer absence than I had anticipated too. Yes got the sample, going to review it this next week, God willing…

      1. Glad to see you back at least. I hope you like the ink; I love it. I’m looking forward to seeing a review. Thanks for putting me onto grey inks with that sample you sent. When they release Stormy Grey next month I can send you some of that too.

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