Orange is the new black: A short review of Noodler’s Apache Sunset

My love for all things orange is well documented on this blog… No surprise then that I should both like and use this very well-known and much-lauded ink from the Noodler’s stable. I was actually surprised to look and see that I hadn’t reviewed this before, an omission I herewith seek to rectify

Presentation: This ink comes in the standard Noodler’s carton and glass 3oz ink bottle. As usual the bottle is filled up to the brim and the unwary need to take care! The label is somewhat smaller and carries less of a message than other Noodler’s inks that I own with the picture detailing a native American (presumably an Apache) standing before a western desert sunset.

On Test: This wonderfully striking orange ink has to be seen to be believed. the much vaunted shading properties are all true. The ink displays a huge range of shade incorporating a spectrum of yellow through brown around the deep orange base. The ink dries fairly quickly, between 20 and 30 seconds on my stock Rhodia paper, it behaves well, and is fairly well lubricated.

The swatch sometimes deceives, being a fairly flat orange, that changes as soon as you write with this ink, lo and behold a complex and delightful range of shading appears. I use this ink in my Franklin-Christoph M40P ‘fire and ice’ which has a Mike Masuyama ground cursive italic nib. I converted this pen into an eyedropper some time ago and it has contained this ink ever since.

Summary: This is one of the most intriguing inks I have come across. It is one that I love to use and think is something of a must-have on my essential ink list, particularly as for me orange is the new black…



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12 thoughts on “Orange is the new black: A short review of Noodler’s Apache Sunset

  1. I am totally with you on orange! My partner says I cannot paint every room in our house orange… I think he is oppressive! Orange is such a happy colour but, now I have to put it on my shopping list!

  2. Great 1st photo.
    I’d thought I have enough orange with Noodler’s Habanero & Cayenne but after seeing SBRE Brown’s video I knew this one was an essential orange. Gorgeous colour and outstanding shading which loves Rhodia & Clairefontaine paper.

  3. So happy to see you’re a Noodler’s aficionado. I still have some of their earliest inks and am collecting their demonstrator pens. Last ink bought: Gruene Cactus. Now I have to taste the Apache Sunset! Yum.

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