In a stew: A short review of Kaweco Caramel Brown

I like to think that I’m in general a fairly easy going type of person… you know, rarely fazed or put off by the things that I come across in life… Or so I thought until I tried to review this ‘Caramel brown’ ink from Kaweco and I found that I got myself in quite a stew! I should say up front that this ink was kindly sent from Kaweco themselves for review.  I really like some of their other inks (particularly the red and turquoise shades in the series) but this one is a horse of a different colour so to speak. I’ve even decided to depart from my usual format of reviews somewhat as I wanted to concentrate on my rather visceral reaction to this ink.

The up-side: The ink performed really well on test. It is a surprisingly quick drying ink, even on Rhodia paper. I’m sure the technical properties of this ink will bear up well, though it is not water-resistant to any great degree. It also comes in a nice 30ml glass bottle on which I’ve remarked previously.

The down-side: One word suffices for this shade of brown. Hideous! Generally I tend to like brown inks as a class. I find them refined and versatile and a touch out of the ordinary, in fact one of my favourite ever inks is Iroshizuku Tsukushi, a wonderfully intriguing shade of chestnut brown that I use very chance I get.

But this… this is like writing with mud. I tried it in a number of different pens, wet and dry all to no avail. The shade is very hard to like at all and impossible to like at first. It does grow on me a little as I leave it to dry but it is so darn uninteresting. It has few if any redeeming qualities as a shade, particularly when stacked up against other much more complex and interesting offerings fro other ink manufacturers.

Summary:  Hideous, hideous, thrice hideous… (sorry Kaweco…)



13 thoughts on “In a stew: A short review of Kaweco Caramel Brown

  1. Welcome back, but as a friend of mine (ahem) once said to me I’m beginning to question your taste. I like this brown I use it in my Kawecos regularly.I admit I am in a backwater here in the colonies, but I find no fault in this handsome brown and it is a great daily use ink. As alwys yr fthfl srvt,brthr Shirl

  2. Disappointing! That does look rather horrid. My current favorite brown is Noodler’s Red-Black, btw, which in a finer nib looks like rich hot chocolate. Now that’s a great shade.

  3. Ugh, I have to agree with you. That brown ink does look rather gross. I’m surprised that you like brown inks at all, can you show some that you like?

  4. I am a recent convert to brown inks. I was given a sample of Montblanc Toffee Brown, which is nice enough, but my current favorite brown is Diamine Ancient Copper. Right now I have Ancient Copper in my Lamy Vista with a 1.1 Italic nib.

    1. Ancient copper is a great ink, I’m currently revising J Herbin Cafe des Iles , which is quite nice too

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