Sailing along: A short review of the Sailor Reglus fountain pen

Its day five of Japan week on the blog and for this next review we unveil our next review – The Sailor Reglus fountain pen in (yup, you guessed it) – orange! The colour may be of little surprise if you have been following this blog for a while. Sailor pens are generally on the expensive side. This one is, if you like, one of their entry-level models that I bought directly from an internet based seller in Japan. so let’s get to it!

Design & Description: At first look the Reglus seems like a small pen in comparison to others, and in some ways it is. The barrel is somewhat on the narrow side and it isn’t the longest pen in my arsenal either. However the big plus for me about this pen is the nib. Sailor nibs are world-renowned and even though this one only comes with a fairly firm fine steel nib as standard, most other more expensive Sailor pens have at least 14k gold nibs, it is still a great performer in my view. saying that I’m not sure it will be to everyone’s liking. The nib is firm, and fine. It gives some feedback when used as do many finer nibs, none of this bothers me in fact its my personal preference.

In terms of its design the pen has something of a classic look to it. The black end cap contrasts well with the slightly sparkling orange body and chrome trim. The cap has a lovely anchor detailed into the top and when needed snaps loudly onto the barrel. The only drawback here, common to many of these pens is than when capped the pen has a little rattle to it as if the cap is in danger of coming off (which it isn’t) it’s just a little disconcerting at first.

Dimensions: The pen itself is fairly light, weighing in at only 20g. It is 122mm long when uncapped and  140mm long when capped. The pen posts securely and when posted it is 150mm long. As stated earlier it is quite a narrow pen the barrel being only mm at its widest point but it is not so narrow as to be uncomfortable.

Filling & maintainance: The Reglus is a cartridge/converter pen and it came with a proprietary Sailor converter. I have to admit to having some trouble with this converter n at least one occasion but after a good disassemble and clean it has worked from that point on.

On Test: In use the pen is quite comfortable over long periods. I twinned it with Sailor Jentle Sky High Blue ink for this test and wasn’t disappointed in the least.  The pen is very easy to write with and would suit the smaller hand. The nib is firm and writes a superbly fine line. The pen is well-balanced even when posted and due to its slightly smaller size doe not overbalance when posted.

To be honest I’d be hard pressed to think of a smoother fine nib than this one. I have seen other reviews that have had worse experiences than me but I can only go with what the pen does with me and I’m very happy with this particular instance of the Reglus. So much so that one day I would like to upgrade to the Sailor Professional Gear in orange…one day (sigh…)

Summary: All in all this is a great little fountain pen, perhaps a little pricey side but something that is well made and rewarding to use.



2 thoughts on “Sailing along: A short review of the Sailor Reglus fountain pen

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