Japanese days: A short review of the Hobonichi Techo planner

P1010178Day two of Japan week on http://www.afoolwithapen.com looks both at the week ahead and the months of 2014 already gone… How you may well ask? The answer is simply by talking about the ‘Hobonichi Techo’, a Japanese daily planner which I’ve now been using since the turn of the year.

The english edition of the Techo planner is a welcome recent development in the life of this product whose Japanese counterpart has something of a cult following that will only be widened by the English edition. (In fact 2014 is only the second year that an english edition has been available)

P1010177The Techo is billed as something more than just a daily planner. People use it for journalling, planning, scrap-booking, recording, sketching and all manner of other interesting things. To get an idea just how far some people to go customise their edition it’s worth checking out online. Here for example is the Facebook page which is worth a look.

So what’s so special about it? does it live up to its billing? The answer is an emphatic yes! The Techo is a handy, versatile planner with many excellent design features that make using this a pleasure. Initially this planner appealed to me because of it’s size, it’s use of Tomoe River paper and the page a day format. It’s quite small, only some 4.1 inches by 5.9 inches and about half an inch thick. But I think it’s perfect for every day carry.

P1010181It also has the facility of being customised in terms of its cover and accessories. The planner itself being a plain black soft cover that fits into a multiplicity of bespoke covers. I decide to stick to one of the cheaper ones, which so far has been an excellent hard wearing cover.

Top though for me is the paper, though I have to confess that I do also like the guide to sushi, sake and tea among other things found in the back. The Tomoe River paper just beats the pants off just about any other paper I know. It allows full use of my preferred fountain pens for writing and the fact that it is ultra thin makes the Techo so handy and flexible so that it always opens flat… A really great choice of paper.

The main day to a page format is useful, along with the monthly ‘Coming up’ page. There is ample spare blank sheets as well which are in dot grid format which mean they are utility itself. I’ll certainly be looking to get the 2015 version which is coming out in either a one volume edition as in 2014 or a new slim two-volume edition.




3 thoughts on “Japanese days: A short review of the Hobonichi Techo planner

  1. That looks like a planner I also could use. Is it possible if you could please tell us where you get it?

    Many thanks.

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