This week I will be mostly reviewing…

JesseIt’s time for something different on the ‘Fool with a pen’ blog.  I love the British comedy sketch show called ‘The Fast Show’. Not seen it, shame on you… One of my favourite sketches is called ‘Jesse’s diets’. This sees a man called Jesse who is a fictional character played by Mark Williams; he’s a verbally challenged country bumpkin who exits his shed and exclaims his strange diets, fashion tastes and experiments, here’s some examples.

So as something of an homage to Jesse… ahem…“This week I will be mostly reviewing only pens, ink, paper and other writing paraphernalia from the the land of the rising sun – Japan”.

Long known for their supremacy in all things to with writing this will mean rummaging through my stock and seeing what delights await from brands such as Pilot, Sailor, Mnemosyne, Midori, and Tomoe River among others, so it should be great fun. I do hope you join me and enjoy the week ahead!



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