Grey matters: A short review of Pilot iroshizuku fuyu syogun ink

“Ohayou Gozaimasu!” As stated in my previous post this week is Japan week! First in my week long journey through the pen, ink and paper world of Japan is one of my favourite grey inks, Pilot Iroshizuku ‘fuyu syogun’.

Presentation: As always with the Iroshizuku ink series the presentation is stunning, the ink being encased in a bottle which is a rounded, tactile work of art! The packaging and labelling are tasteful and stylish and don’t let the ink down in any way.

On Test: Fuyu-Syogun or ‘Old man winter’ ink (love that name – and so appropriate!) is an ink of excellent quality. It reminds me of the grey hues often seen in the sky where I live. It exhibits delicate shading and is a well-lubricated ink that flows effortlessly onto the page. In my test the ink dried quite slowly on my stock Rhodia test paper so watch out for that, especially using nibs that lay down a lot of ink as my test pen does.

The ink slightly lightens in shade as it dries leaving a  sophisticated shade behind on the paper. In use the shade varies from a light silver grey to a mid ash grey depending on the amount that goes onto the page. Sadly, it is not water resistant to any great degree so do be careful, though this doesn’t matter to me so much

Summary: This is without doubt one of my favourite grey inks. I like grey inks as a whole because they are a little out of the ordinary. This one is a true grey, no green or purple undertones which I like (some have said it has a blue undertone but I don’t see that either). This one is expensive but worth it in the long run I think.




4 thoughts on “Grey matters: A short review of Pilot iroshizuku fuyu syogun ink

  1. I look forward to the all Japan week. Pour it on me. What a fascinating culture. Love their obsession with precision. My monitor gave blue and green overtones to your examples. This is one ink” by your description” that tempts me to pay in my estimation an exorbitant price for a beautiful bottle containing “gray” Ink.

    1. Hi Shirl, Thanks I’m hoping to do a blog post every day this week so stay tuned. As for the ink it is a very good ink, but as you say expensive, although over here curiously it can be cheaper buying it through Amazon.

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