Curiouser & Curiouser: A short review of Rohrer & Klingner Scabiosa Ink

P1010169It might not be good English but I’m with Alice on this one… (see Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll Ch. 2). This statement fits not only her predicament as she grew and grew but also the sense I get with using this unusual ink from the ink manufacturers Rohrer & Klingner (R & K) in Germany.

Presentation: This ink comes in the standard 50ml R & K bottle. You will have seen my comments on it before so I will not repeat them here.

P1010166On Test: R & K Scabiosa (the name comes from the Latin name for a genus of flowering plant often with lilac coloured petals) is an unusual ink in a number of respects.

First up is that this is a modern formulation of what is known as an ‘Iron gall ink. These type of inks have been around for hundreds of years and have something of a corrosive reputation. It has to be said that modern iron gall inks like this are much less destructive than their predecessors and with careful maintenance should not pose any problems to your pens. Due to its iron gall properties it offers a measure of water resistance that can be useful in many writing environments

Second, the colour is intriguing. This ink writes in a watery lilac shade but dries much darker and richer in a true purple hue. this phenomenon is due to the slow oxidation of the Fe (iron) ions (from ferrous (Fe2+) to ferric (Fe3+)… I once was a chemist y’know…

P1010168Generally I’m quite happy with this ink, it is great value and it offers something a little different. It has a distinguished, professional, almost period air to it and in the right pen offers delicate shading properties that are engaging. Decent dry times mean that I think it’s a good choice for a business ink.

Summary: A dusky purple shaded ink, R & K Scabiosa is an excellent addition to anyones library of inks. Give some a try, you never know, even if you’re not a dark purple lover you still might like this one!





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