Staying Blue: A short review of Noodler’s Liberty’s Elysium

I seem to be in something of a season of blue inks at present, which, as I’ve said before, is a little unusual for me… But hey, life is full of little surprises don’t you think? Anyway I got my son to bring a bottle of this ink back from the States on his last trip over the pond.  Noodler’s ink is notoriously scarce in the UK, not that I’m going to get into that debate (momma didn’t raise no fool!). To be honest it has remained mostly unused in my collection apart from a short outing in my Monteverde Prima as a change out ink.

Presentation: The ink comes in the standard Noodler’s cardboard carton which although fairly plain is .functional and at least in my view somewhat quirky. I’m not sure some of the Noodler’s brand of humour or politics travel too well but at least it’s something different.

The  bottle is a standard Noodler’s 3oz bottle with a fairly large black cap. On three of the four sides of the bottle there is large label which is very busy. Theres a lot going in on this label, including tributes and quotes inspired by Patrick Henry, Mary Dyer, and Nathan Hale who were I believe notable people in the USA’s road to becoming an independent country.

On Test: This is an intense blue ink that although displaying only minimal shading  surprised me in that I have found it, in my tests, to be amazingly quick drying, despite reading in other reviews that this was one of this inks weaknesses. Not so, at least in my case as in repeated drying tests it took less than 20 seconds on my stock Rhodia dot grid test paper, which as you know isn’t usually the type of paper that allows super quick drying… It is also proclaimed as being one of Noodler’s bulletproof inks. So I tested this by means of a sustained drip test. As I hope is visible from the pictures the ink does appear to have a high degree of permanence as it bonds with the cellulose in the paper and is a real staying blue…

Summary: I have to say that again, somewhat against my anti-blue instincts I quite like this colour. It’s perhaps not in the same class as my now favourite Sailor Sky High blue but it is certainly a contender and worthy of consideration if you have access to the US of A ink market.




4 thoughts on “Staying Blue: A short review of Noodler’s Liberty’s Elysium

  1. I wanted so hard to like this ink… mostly water fast, quite permanent, good color, nice shading, etc. But the color is too inconsistent from bottle to bottle for me; sometimes it’s a blue-blue green, and others it’s close to being a true blue (which I favor).

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