Gone dotty: A review of the Dotgrid.co A5 book

P1010089One of the ingredients for a great writing experience is undoubtedly good paper. Poor paper isn’t worth the paper it’s….well made of. I’ve found the hunt for good paper immensely rewarding and have many incarnations of what I would call great paper. So today I thought I’d review a favourite of mine. It comes in the form of an A5 book from Dotgrid.co in the UK.

P1010094_2These books are primarily designed and produced for designers, illustrators and artists but they are great books for the rest of us too! All of the books, as the name suggests, feature a dot grid matrix printed on the paper. This allows a number of things depending on the reason you’re using the book. They’re excellent for sketches and illustrations but for me the dot grid gives a sense of nearly unmatched writing freedom. I long ago moved away from lined paper looking for something different, finding some solace in graph or squared paper for a while before finding my new home with dots…

P1010092Quality: These edition is both stylish and rugged. I like wire-wound  pads as they gives the books a whole new dimension of usefulness.  The covers are a heavy 350gsm matt laminated card. They are water resistant and along with the double O ring binding are excellent. They are also somewhat understated which I really like, the front cover only having the branding in the lower right hand corner, buyers can choose from other custom covers too, but I like the black.

P1010093Paper: Obviously though the paper’s the important thing. Using 104gsm sustainably produced paper as they do means that the whole package is sturdy and pleasurable to use. The paper is also quite thick in comparison to some other papers which means its works well with most types of pen with minimal show through (in fact none). The paper is smooth but not slick and the dot grid matrix which is printed using pantone grey 4 ink stays nicely in the background.

Summary: Retailing at £10 it might be argued that these are not cheap, indeed they’re not but they are great. Greta in terms of design, production values and great to use. Not only that but by buying one (or more) you get to support a British start up company – now there’s a win-win situation!



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