Keeping it real: A review of the Kaweco Classic Sport

P1010079Those in the know tell us that there’s more chance of us reaching the grand old age of one hundred than ever, which is cool. Personally I plan on living ’til I’m ninety or die trying…

Today’s review honours another centurion, for the Kaweco Classic Sport pocket fountain pen design is over 100 years old and thankfully still going strong! I decided to review this firstly because it is still a favourite of mine and secondly, and perhaps more importantly, in order to ‘keep it real’ as I’m aware there are always people who are just now searching blogs as they start out on their personal affair with fountain pens and I think this pen is a great way to start without spending a fortune (yet).

P1010081Description: Almost ubiquitous the Kaweco Classic Sport is exactly that – a true classic pocket pen. The one I have is black (other colours are available). It simply consists of the oversize octagonal cap  with the monogram ‘Kaweco Sport’ on one of the facts and the Kaweco logo in gold on the end. The barrel is simply cylindrical and connects to the small, slightly concave grip section.

The characteristic small nib is gold plated steel, made by Bock in Germany and has the Kaweco logo as well as ‘Germany’  and ‘since 1863’ engraved on it.

P1010084Dimensions: The whole reason for this pen is its small size. When closed it is a mere 105mm long and is designed to be used posted when it transforms into a 135mm long usable pen. Crucially though short it is not too narrow, a trap that many pocket pens fall into headlong. This design’s ingeniousness means that the Sport finds a beloved niche in many fountain pen users arsenal.

P1010087On Test: The writing experience that the Classic Sport gives is legendary. the one I have has a medium nib that is buttery smooth. I have other editions with F and EF nibs which I like equally well but the Classic Sport has a special place in my heart.

Posted the pen gives a lot of pleasure. Although light, it feels secure in the hand and is a comfortable writing instrument capable of being used extensively without fatigue. All in all it’s a well-designed fountain pen that more than meets expectations for its price point (sub £25). The Classic sport comes with a range of nib choices that are easily swapped and the pen has the convenience of refilling with international cartridges or with a mini-converter offered by Kaweco which now comes in two different designs.

Summary: I love the design of the Kaweco Sport and I love it in use. It continues to be a part of my everyday writing experience in this edition (and at least two others) Try one!



4 thoughts on “Keeping it real: A review of the Kaweco Classic Sport

  1. I have two Sports and they are my go to pens for reliability and pocket-ability. Jet pens had a version with music notes printed on it for about $17. Bargain! I think they have sold out now. With shipping free with purchases over $25 I can always find something to take my order to that point and they ship really quick. No I am not affiliated with them. Srvnt brthr Shirl.

  2. Enjoyed your review – but am wondering, how well does the converter work? It’s a squeezer, right? I’m guessing the capacity is on the small side, but how fast does it run out? Thanks…

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