Que sera syrah: A short review of Diamine Syrah ink

P1010061Occasionally passion overrules logic and likewise impulse, caution… Christopher Marlowe’s words quoted by Shakespeare in his play ‘As you like it’ put it this way”Whoever loved that loved not at first sight?” There are a few times in life when you see something and you have to act. This is how I felt about this ink after inking a pen with it to review. This deep red wine shade named ‘Syrah’ presumably after a variety of dark red grape  (also known as Shiraz). I bought this in my ‘local’ pen shop on something of a whim but I’m so glad I did. 

P1010056_2Presentation: The Diamine bottles and boxes are instantly recognisable. The square black boxes hiding the multiplicity of coloured inks that lie within them. I’ve said many times that I like the substantial 80ml bottles, the generous amount of ink means that you can mess around with this and still have plenty with which to write your letters or cards.

P1010060On Test: What most engaged me about this ink is simply the colour. A saturated shade of deep red /burgundy it is full bodied and the association with wine is easy to understand. Very well behaved the ink initially writes red and then darkens as you proceed. It leaves a delightful hint of shading on the page. Sometimes it looks more purple depending on the paper used but is a definite burgundy on my stock Rhodia paper.

The ink is not particularly water resistant so I wouldn’t use it for writing that was required to be permanent but otherwise it is a wonderful shade that demands use. It’ll be featuring in my next batch of correspondence twinned with my Pilot Tow fountain pen, it feels like they’re a good match.

P1010059_2Summary: Looking for beautiful inks that set a mood? Well this one is right up there. Wonderfully inviting it’s worth looking into, but be careful you may, like me get hooked…



3 thoughts on “Que sera syrah: A short review of Diamine Syrah ink

  1. I love the color, your pics give it a little more red hue than I see with my example but could be my monitor. I have tried to collect all the burgundy like shades I can find. Some lean towards the red spectrum, some to purple and others more brown. I really like this one. Thanks for the share

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