Easy Green: A short review of Waterman Harmonious Green Ink

P1010051The weekend at its best is an easy time… So I thought I’d review what I call my easy green ink. This ‘Harmonious Green’ (aka Waterman Green) ink is one of my longest standing ink choices. There are two reasons for this. First is that it has always been easy to get hold of locally and second it’s a downright good ink.

Presentation: These inks come in attractive colour co-ordinated cardboard boxes containing the traditional Waterman shaped 50ml bottles that have the advantage of being able to be tipped on one side allowing you to get at the last few drops of ink as the bottle empties.

P1010050On Test: Waterman inks are traditionally safe, stable and durable. This ink adds an attractive quality to those virtues. In use this ink flows extremely well and exhibits a lovely, delicate shading properties. The dry times on my stock Rhodia paper average out at approximately 25 seconds, which is quick enough for most. Some might regard this as more of a bluey-green but that doesn’t square with my view of it. There may be a hint of teal in there but the shade is vibrant and very pleasing.

Summary: I have to say I’ve never been disappointed by this ink. It behaves well and is very easy on the eye. A good all rounder.



4 thoughts on “Easy Green: A short review of Waterman Harmonious Green Ink

  1. I love this ink as well. Very underrated IMHO. I’d agree that it definitely is more of a teal color, but then again, I have a lot of teal-ish inks, so not an issue for me. I have noticed that because this ink flows so well, it can be temperamental on cheap paper. Now I’m off to go ink it up in something.

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