Anyone for chocolate? A short review of Akkerman Hague Brown

P1010044I’m not much of a chocoholic. In fact I can go months without the need for a bar of chocolate. I wonder then why the swatch of this ink makes me think about it so much. Yes it is brown, like chocolate, I get that, and maybe that’s all it is but what I could do with some Nutella or some Cadbury’s right now… Anyway to business. today’s ink is another runner from the Akkerman stables in the kingdom of the Netherlands, this time we’re looking at Hague brown.

bottle2Presentation: You’ve by now become familiar with the quirky bottles that these inks arrive in so I won’t bore you with repetition. I like them…

P1010043On Test: Once again the quick brown fox has jumped over that lazy dog. I’m beginning to wonder if that dog isn’t as much lazy as it is actually dead! I used two pens to test this ink out. The first is my usual very wet vintage Mentmore that lays down a bulldozer shovel full of ink with every stroke. Using this pen the colour was deep and  tenebrous. With my other pen, a much drier Waterman medium nib, it was  more of a full-bodied chestnut (almost back to Nutella again). The dry time was fair at around 30 seconds on Rhodia paper and the rest as they say is history. No quirks in use, rather a dependable workhorse of an ink.

Summary: brown inks as a class don’t tend to dazzle first up. They are generally more conservative than that. This one is no exception, Hague Brown may not make you want to run off into the sunset with it laughing insanely but it will serve you well so it’s worth considering.




9 thoughts on “Anyone for chocolate? A short review of Akkerman Hague Brown

  1. Often I tend to ignore brown inks as often they tend to look somewhat dirty. This one reminds me of burnt sienna pigment which is a workhorse in painting. To my shopping list it goes as it should be a stunner with the OBB nib.

    Just like you I also like the shape of those bottles.

    Thank you very much for the excellent review.

  2. I really like this brown; I normally don’t even think of using one, and now you have me thinking about testing them. Thank goodness for Goulet!

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