Solar Flair! A review of the Signum Solare fountain pen in Orange

IMGP1292What is flair?  I find that the essence of flair is a special or instinctive mixture of style and originality. It is more than merely looking good, though it is never less than that. It is a sensibility that encompasses looks, function, utility and that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. When you see it you know it’s there… IMGP1291

I’m happy to say that is the top and bottom of my experience with this exquisite fountain pen, the Signum Solare in orange (of course!).

Signum is an Italian brand that is currently usually unavailable in the UK but has distributors in the USA and Canada. ‘Signum’ is a latin word which means line. This line refers to the trace left by Roman chariot in its route. You can see the manufacturer’s website here.

IMGP1296Description: This pen has a real Wow factor! It is beautifully finished in a bright orange pearlescent resin with Rhodium plated trim. The depth of colour in this resin is breathtaking! It has a refined pearlescent look that demands attention. Did I say this orange was bright? Well it is!

As a whole the pen is a thing of beauty; it is delightfully tactile and well-balanced when capped or uncapped.  When capped there is a beautiful flow to the design of the pen with a long taper from the mid-point of the cap through the barrel.

IMGP1283The cap itself is beautiful. On the cap top a micro-cast wheel from a roman carriage, is set into a resin disc, this is incorporated into all Signum pens as their hallmark. the clip is strong and substantial and has Signum etched into the top band along with ‘made in Italy’.

The good-sized grip section is concave and comfortable. It is finished with a rhodium plated band on the nib end while the barrel starts with a metal screw-thread and band which fits snugly onto to the smooth resin barrel. There is a substantial metal cap with an inset resin disc at the base of the barrel, this has a discreet screw-thread to enable posting. Everything on the pen appears to be excellently finished. IMGP1288

The pen came with a steel, iridium tipped, fine nib, an upgrade can be made to a 14k gold version. The nib is nicely finished being inscribed with the aforementioned roman wheel and the name Signum, Italy.

Dimensions:  The pen weighs in at 32g capped and 20g uncapped. It is 142mm long capped and 128mm uncapped whereas posted via a secure screw-thread near the base the pen is 178mm in length. In terms of width it varies from 16mm wide at the widest point of the cap to 12mm at the thinnest point of the barrel.IMGP1293

On Test: The problem with liking a pen before you use it is that it can set you up for some disappointment if, when you’re writing with it, it doesn’t perform well. Thankfully there was no such disappointment with the Solare. This particular pen came with a fine steel nib. As fine nibs are my preference I was keen to try it out as soon as I could. I can report that the nib performed well. The pen wrote smoothly and the ink flow through the nib without a hitch, no false starts, no skipping no tracking. It immediately became a pleasurable writing tool. I filled it with Sailor Jentle Sky High ink via the converter and immediately put it to work!

IMGP1286Summary: This pen was a gift (Thanks Margaret) but it is no less good for that. Yes, it’s true that I like orange pens anyway so I may have been predisposed to liking it but the beautiful aesthetic and utility of the pen mean that it will be a favourite pen of mine for a long time. It is more than just a good looker, it writes well too. I like this pen a lot!



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