Gentlemen prefer blues: A short review of Sailor Jentle Sky High blue ink

P1010008Normally I’m not a great fan of blue inks… but there may be a sea change in progress. This Sailor Jentle sky high blue ink was my only ink purchase at the recent Northern pen show. So naturally I wanted to try it out as soon as as I could. But due to being on holiday ( that’s vacation 🙂 )  I had to wait until today to get to grips with it.

P1010006Presentation:  This series of inks come in quite nice square boxes. The inks are produced in Japan and much of the writing on the box is in japanese so apart from the make there is little information in english. On one side there are pictograms that explain how to use the ‘easy fill liner’ which  essentially is a plastic cone that allows a reservoir to be made in the bottle for easy filling.

The bottle itself is a pleasing round shape with  a large neck and a shallow but well fitting cap. There is a rather small label on the body of the bottle that is coloured to match the shade of ink that resides within,

P1010005On Test: It’s not often that I decide to change my pen half way through an ink review, but having  started with my usual review pen I didn’t think that it was doing this ink justice. So out came a pen with a finer and somewhat drier nib and ‘Hey Presto’ things were a great deal better.

It’s not that the ink misbehaved, it didn’t. The problem was that the wet nib of the first pen made this ink look darker than its true hue. The finer pen delivered a truer representation of the ink as a bright blue with some lovely, if delicate shading. As you can see the dry times were acceptable on the Rhodia test paper and the ink behaved well throughout.

In point of fact my only problem on test ironically was with the ‘easy fill’ reservoir. No matter how I angled the pen I couldn’t get it in far enough for the ink to reach the filler hole on the nib so instead I had to fill direct to the converter. Not really a problem, but something to be aware of.

P1010007Summary: I have to say that there’s nothing to dislike about this ink. It has an intensity of colour and a depth of shading that I like very much. I can see this ink being quite utilitarian with a good range of use. Enjoy!



5 thoughts on “Gentlemen prefer blues: A short review of Sailor Jentle Sky High blue ink

  1. Sailor is a brand I’ve been meaning to try out. Both their pens and inks look really nice. I’ve got my eye on a pen of theirs with a white body and rose gold trim I’ve had my eye on for a while. Good for fancy occasions like weddings or christenings (hey I need to justify these things SOMEHOW), and I’ll probably try out some of their ink if I get it.

  2. Ladies prefer blues as well. 🙂

    Regarding the reservoir—did you turn the bottle upside down before you tried filling from it? Otherwise the ink will just stay on the sides and bottom—the reservoir acts as a “trap” for the ink, but you have to fill it up first before you can use it. Kind of like decanting from a wine bottle to a wineglass.

    At the very least, I’ve used my piston fillers with Sailor ink bottles and have never had any problems.

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