My brother is A-Copper: A short review of Diamine Burnt Sienna ink

IMGP1221I always like to have a reason to buy an ink, (cue the sound of laughter), no honestly I do, or at least I try to have a reason… Lately I’ve been delving more into orange, amber and brown inks with some really nice results. From J Herbin’s Orange Indien and Noodlers Apache Sunset through Pelikan Edelstein Amber to Diamine Ancient Copper, J Herbin Café des Iles to Iroshizuku Tsukushi, I’ve found that each ink has its own delights and each has in turn found a place on my go-to inks shelf. So when I saw Diamine’s Burnt Sienna I thought this might be a useful addition to that spectrum. You can see the results below.

Presentation: This ink comes in the standard Diamine carton with the standard bottle, you either like them or you don’t. I happen to like them… nuff said.

IMGP1224On Test: As one would expect with a Diamine ink this one behaves well on test. It has a decent drying time on the Rhodia dot grid paper I use for my reviews. On first look the colour is bright,highly saturated and robust and contrasts well on bright white paper. The shade itself is fairly flat in that I couldn’t get much variation in shading  using it in my normal test pen but its no less good for that. My only problem came when I compared this ink to another shade in the Diamine stables – Ancient Copper…it was virtually identical.

IMGP1220Summary: If you like the rusty brown hue of Burnt Sienna you won’t be disappointed with how this ink performs. I can’t fault it as an ink in and of itself but I was somewhat disappointed with the similarity to Diamine’s Ancient Copper which is one of my favourite inks. Therefore if you already have (as I do) Diamine’s Ancient Copper there’s virtually no difference between them in terms of shade that I can see so I wouldn’t bother adding it to your collection as it’s almost Ancient Copper’s identical twin… AFWAP


2 thoughts on “My brother is A-Copper: A short review of Diamine Burnt Sienna ink

  1. I always appreciate seeing and reading about ink comparisons. I recently put Ancient Copper on my probable ink bottle purchase list. I am happy not to be diverted back into the mid-brown ink search. I am still pondering over D, Evergreeb vs, Salamander (Evergreen in the lead, but I need to try more pens.). Not to get into Red Dragon / Matador / Crimson.

    1. Hi,Thanks for the comment. I love the Ancient Copper, it offers a bit more than the Sienna in my view. I love the Salamander, its an every day user for me… What about Noodler’s Qin Shi Huang for a red?

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