Giveaway: Anyone for some goat?

A view of the Allan pocket journal
A view of the Allan pocket journal

It’s that time again, another 100 twitter followers achieved another giveaway!

This time with the help of RL Allan publishers I’m giving away an Allan’s pocket journal. I reviewed one of these back here. These retail at £25 each. This time the winner may also be able to choose the colour, depending on their availability. At present they’re available in tan, chocolate brown (my personal choice) red, or black.

The Allan’s website states that these books are, “Quality personal notebook with 256 pages of lightweight lined writing paper. Bound in Morocco goatskin leathers… With red under gold page edges and ribbon marker.”

Some journal aerobics, supple enough?
Some journal aerobics, supple enough?

How to enter? Simply comment on this post, it’s as easy as that. The winner will be randomly chosen. The closing date for entries is midnight BST on Friday 11th April. This giveaway is open internationally.

EXTRA: You can double your chances of winning by liking our new ‘A fool with a pen’ Facebook page which you can find here

Hope you win..


Update 12/4/14: Please note the giveaway is now closed!!


68 thoughts on “Giveaway: Anyone for some goat?

  1. Ooh, those are so lovely. I always want to get expensive journals, but always, always settle for a composition book because at $1-$2 it’s easy on the budget. But wow, yummy and flexible and pocket-able. So nice.

  2. My current journal is an Eccolo World Traveler I got fro big box office supply store on clearance for under $10. It is nice, but not nearly as nice as what you are giving away. That would be a splurge purchase for me.

  3. I would love to have such a notebook. my ongoing project would be well suited for it. it is handwritten in real ink.

  4. I would be sure to keep this in my office or at home where my goats would never see it. Thanks for the chance.

  5. I’ve been thinking about starting up a journal again now that I’ve gotten into fountain pens. This would be a wonderful one to start with.

  6. As soon as I saw the first photo I thought, “That looks just like a Bible.” Ha! Now I know why.

    My current journal is almost full and I haven’t been able to decide what to get for another. Sine these beautiful journals are a bit out of my price range, it would be nice to win one.

  7. what a perfect journal for my study abroad in France next summer! I’d certainly enjoy scribbling in it with my vintage Parker Vac while sipping a Cafe au lait and people watching.

  8. A journal to finally start my Walter Mitty getaway with a whiff of leather and the scribblings of pure ink on paper written by a fool like me.

  9. Those are beautiful journals. I have been drooling since I saw a picture of one and read a review of it more than a year ago.

  10. thx for the give

    those look cool,and despite my handwriting being atrocious i would like to win this!!!

  11. thanks for the giveaway. i could see myself using this to record the stories of my daughter. she does such funny things every day [i’m sure all parents think this of their children], and i think it would be awesome to have a record to share with her as she grows. lovely notebook.

  12. What a treat!!!! When you get a journal like this first you spend some time thinking how to start writing in it not to make it elegant enough. Beautiful! Thx for he chance

  13. It’s a very cool looking journal, that reminds me of the journal carried by Dr. Jones in the Last Crusade. Unexpected bit of nostalgia.

  14. So lovely! Thanks for the chance!! I like the chocolate brown one!
    I like you also on FB: Aleka Nikolaidou

  15. Nothing more dangerous than a fool with a pen huh?? Well then, I’m more dangerous than our POTUS, Obummer, with his fingers on the buttons. All I need is something to write on. I’ve been thinking for some time to get one of these to scribble down all the crap that roams around in my head. One of my FB friends keeps telling me that I should write a book and I keep telling her that no one else finds me interesting. Much less all the random rants of a redneck. So I guess if I am lucky enough to win this journal then all I’ll have to do is find me a good ink pen.

    1. This giveaway has been closed for 9 days now, right?? Why did I get this email today?? By some grace from God did I win??

  16. The giveaway is now closed. No further comments will be entered into the draw which will take place over the weekend! Good Luck

  17. Hi
    Unfortunately the winner did not respond. I will therefore be redrawing the prize later today 24/4/14

      1. No the person was contacted privately but hasn’t answered, might be you this time…

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