Going Dutch: A short review of Akkerman Trêves-Turquoise

I’ve not yet been to Holland. Its one of those things I would love to do sometime… Why you ask? Well I guess just because I think I would like the place and the people. I already like their style, laid back and somewhat quirky, two qualities that are exemplified in some of their best exports, things like Edam cheese, Dennis Bergkamp, and since 2010 PW Akkerman’s range of fountain pen ink

bottle3Presentation:  There is a distinctive look to both the box and the bottle that this range of inks is presented in. The box is sturdy and attractive in itself but when opened it reveals one of Inkdom’s most beautiful and quirky bottles. The Akkerman ink bottle is a rounded octagonal shape with a beautifully fluted neck which culminates in a well made cap. The bottle necks functions as a reservoir for ink thanks to a glass marble that when the bottle is tilted allows ink to fill the neck and when returned to its standing position closes the neck keeping enough ink in the reservoir to fill any fountain pen. Clever, no? Well the good news is at least it works and means that a fountain pen can be filled easily even when getting down to the last of the ink.

IMGP1120On Test: This is the first time I’ve been able to test out Akkerman inks. Thus far I’ve used only the Deepwater blue and now this Turquoise ink. This is a truly idyllic colour that really lifts off the page and shows a distinctive and extremely pleasantly shaded tone. In my experience thus far this shading is even visible using a fine nib.  There are no drawbacks to this ink that I can see. It goes on the paper well, is vivid and pleasing to the eye. The drying time on Rhodia paper was acceptable at between 30 and 40 seconds when using a wet nib.

IMGP1117Summary: An altogether lovely ink, right up there in my view with others in the premium price bracket. It retails, for a 60ml bottle (but what a bottle), at €15 which isn’t too pricey when compared with some other premium brands. The whole range of 31 colours can be ordered direct from P.W. Akkerman in the Hague & is shipped internationally



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