A real player: A review of the Kaweco Allrounder

IMGP1111They say that it takes about a month of a particular activity to form a habit… For me, particularly when it comes to all things to do with fountain pens it’s probably a lot less. at present it’s becoming a bit of a habit saying that I like the F and EF nibs that come with the majority of Kaweco fountain pens. The only question is whether I will like the pen that Kaweco choose to attach to them.

IMGP1116Description: The Kaweco Allrounder is a beautifully finished all-metal fountain pen in sleek anodised aluminium and to be honest it’s the feel of the lovely smooth brushed aluminium finish of the pen along with the silver chrome clip and band around the pen are the first thing that grab you when you first see the Allrounder. As far as I’m aware the pen, which is the metal version of the cheaper Kaweco Student fountain pen, comes in four colours: Red, Black, Silver and Blue, which is the one I was sent for review purposes by Kaweco themselves. The pen has the characteristic logo on the head of the cap along with the Kaweco Brand and model printed in white. The shiny retro style clip is strong reminiscent of the Kaweco Elite and the cap band is intricately detailed.  The grip section is  smooth and slightly concave in shape. The screw threads are precise and the pen caps securely with only one revolution of the cap or barrel. The pen is well weighted and comfortably balanced whether capped or uncapped. It comes in the usual Kaweco range of nib sizes (EF-EB). In the UK it retails about the £75 mark.

IMGP1115Dimensions: The Allrounder is 136mm long when capped, and 121mm uncapped. Posted it is 164mm long and weighs in at approximately  32g (35g with a converter and ink) of which the cap accounts for 13g.

IMGP1117On Test: I have to say that in one sense you could probably stick one of these nibs on the end of a twig and I’d probably find a way to like it. But on test the Allrounder proves to be just that in that it does everything you ask. I preferred to use it unposted as it sat in my hand more comfortably. If I was to quibble I would say that the nib in question did require a little teasing. What I mean by this is that it took a little more effort than I would like to skim over the page, something that is not unusual with fine nibs. This feedback is not excessive (I’ve used a lot worse) and in my experience of these nibs tend to loosen up a little in use and then are a delight.

IMGP1113Summary: As for the pen, on one level I cannot fault it. It is in many ways the epitome of good craftsmanship. It is solid, well-built and functional and I can see myself using this pen again and again. It has a great feel to it and is in the weight range that I prefer.  On the other hand I can’t say that I’m captivated by it, yet. For the price I think its good value and  will be an able servant to the discerning fountain pen enthusiast.



3 thoughts on “A real player: A review of the Kaweco Allrounder

  1. It seems you were struggling to say that this pen is a bit bland, like you I love the smooth, easy going Kaweco nibs, but there is a big price difference between the £20 Sports and everything else, if they pitched something like this at £35 -£45 it would be much more interesting

    1. Hi
      I’m not ssure I’d say it was bland, just not captivating in the way that something like a Pilot Custom 91 is to me. I agree about the price though, but I think that’s true of a lot of pens that are mass produced 🙂

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