Una giornata verde: a short review of Omas green ink

IMGP1106If we are nothing else, as fountain pen users we are creatures of whim and fancy… Want to use a particular pen all the time for a month? Go for it… Want to change ink every day? Done! Want to go with a certain colour ink and pen for a day? No problem! So in keeping with this sense of whimsy I decided only to use green inks today. That’s nothing too special but I noticed that one of the inks I’m using I haven’t fully reviewed so I though that I would kill two birds with one stone so to speak. Therefore here is my short review of Omas green ink… Enjoy it, just as I’ll enjoy my giornata verde…not an Italian pasta dish… but Italian for ‘green day’

IMGP1097Presentation: The Omas range of inks are very well presented.Whether it’s the look and feel of their grey designer matte and glossy box to the almost hand grenade shaped octagonal bottle that has been in use since it was first introduced in the 1930s. The bottle comes well packed in the box held firmly in a firm foam octagonal mould.

IMGP1100The composition of ink is undoubtedly important, but so to a lesser extent maybe is the design of the bottle. All ink is expensive (some more than others of course), so it is important to be able to use it all. The rather oddly volumed 62ml (2.2oz) octagonal shaped bottle that contains Omas ink is well designed. The opening is large enough for any fountain pen I’ve ever seen and the bottle tips over to allow access to those last few precious drops. Moreover the bottle looks really great on the desk. It has a classy look about it that I like.

IMGP1096On test: I decided to use two pens to test this ink. I keep my Omas ‘Notti di Bologna’ constantly inked up with its Omas counterpart but on a whim I decided to also use this ink in my newest addition, a Lamy blue/green Al-Star with a 1.5mm italic nib. The Omas fountain pen has a medium nib and both pens together should show off the characteristics of this particular ink.

What you first notice about using this ink is the vibrancy of the colour, a truly luxurious green. I happen to like green inks and think they are much underused generally but I’m would be surprised if this ink does not delight any fountain pen user. There is something captivating about this ink  and on-test it is well-behaved in every way. The ink lends itself to writing with broader nibs that show off its shading properties.

IMGP1091Summary: This particular offering from Omas  is a truly sophisticated ink that is as beautiful as it is complex. It achieves a luxurious green hue on the page with hints of a darker heart courtesy of its nuanced shading properties. I’ve read a couple of negative reviews of this ink and can’t for the life of me think why anyone would be unhappy with this ink, but we are creatures of taste are we not? For me the whole package is there, packaged well, great looking bottle, luxuriously complex ink. Need I say more? No.



3 thoughts on “Una giornata verde: a short review of Omas green ink

  1. I’ve never seen an Omas bottle before. Very fancy looking. The kind of bottle that once I’d finished it I’d use it as an inkwell. Same goes for those Akkerman ink bottles with the marble inside (which they’ve just re-released in 60ml size).

    The ink looks good too. St Patrick’s day is next week, as is the start of spring, so maybe some green inks are in order 🙂

    1. Hi, Im just in the middle of ordering some Akkerman inks to show on the blog they look great, as indeed does this, my favourite green I think

      1. Were it not for the shipping being so expensive for a bottle I’d get an Akkerman ink too. I mostly just buy Ink samples rather than full bottles as it allows me to experiment without breaking the bank, or having to find a place for so many glass bottles. Though in this case it’s the bottle I’m after.

        I look forward to seeing how it performs on here.

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