We are Electric: A short review of Kaweco Royal Blue ink

Royal blue bottle
Royal blue bottle

How do you know when you’re getting old? One way I’ve found is when asking for help to remember a lyric of a song your children  give you a whole different song with the same title as the one you were looking for of which you have never even heard. Quite dispiriting really 😦  Anyway to business, today’s ink review is Kaweco Royal Blue,  a rich, almost electric blue colour to my eye, I keep forgetting that royal blues may be different depending on which country  you are from…

Ink test page
Ink test page

Presentation: Not a lot to say here, you can check out my other reviews of the way Kaweco’s bottle inks are presented on the blog. Just to repeat, it comes in a nice, fairly traditional looking 30ml bottle. The bottle is well and attractively labelled with something of a retro feel about it which I think is something that Kaweco do really well across their range.

IMGP1084On Test: I reviewed this ink with my usual equipment, i.e. my trusty Rhodia 80gsm dot grid paper and my vintage Mentmore button-filler fountain pen with a soft 14k gold nib. This pen writes quite wet and thus suits this ink. I also conducted a  review of a Kaweco AC sport with a BB nib earlier this week and used this ink on that review. my comments will encompass both experiences.

This is a real, bold, writer’s ink. It performs well as one would expect. This ink is striking and the colour is somewhat ‘in your face’. It virtually bounces off white paper! It is certainly in no way a watery, delicate, shrinking violet. Though it does offer some shading with broader and softer nibs even the lighter portions of the letters are quite vivid. In terms of the colour the hue to my eye has a purple tint to it which gives it that bold  almost electric feel. In fact I think I once had a pair if two-tone trousers this colour (in my youth I hasten to add…)


Summary: Thus far I have reviewed I think about three shades of Kaweco ink. So far they have all behaved very well and had their commendable points. This one I think is up there with my thoughts on the Ruby Red. This is a strikingly vibrant ink with a vivid and unusual hue for a ‘royal blue’. The only drawbacks I can think of to using this ink currently are the limited availability and the cost… I know that the bottles aren’t yet available everywhere, although the standard international cartridges are more widespread and though I find the cartridges reasonably priced I have heard rumblings that the bottles are quite expensive. But that being said if you like vivid blue inks that will definitely make a statement in your writing this would be a contender!



12 thoughts on “We are Electric: A short review of Kaweco Royal Blue ink

  1. This looks like a good strong blue. I’ve got a few different blues, and it reminds me of Diamine Imperial blue (though it’s hard to tell with pictures) which is a rich blue with purple hints.

    I find blue inks good for office work where you don’t have as much freedom with colours. You’re stuck with black or blue, and there are only so many shades of black 🙂 A good blue can really make your writing stand out without being too unusual. I doubt I’ll be using Apache Sunset on my order forms (another vial of which will be posted to you shortly).

    1. It is a nice blue, that’s something coming from me as I’m not a lover of blues… Thanks for the vial, anything I can send in return?

      1. No problem. A 3oz bottle can go far. Particularly since it’s not really a day to day colour. Sometimes I wish I could stick to just one ink. Thankfully that madness quickly passes 🙂

        If you have enough to share could you send some Iroshizuku Tsukushi (the brown one)? I’ve been trying out Diamine Ancient Copper which is a red/brown ink, and really like it so I’m interested in giving some other browns a go.

  2. Dear AFAWP,

    I don’t know how to contact you other then this way. I am writing this comment as in fact I do have a question for you:

    In the article you tell that you use a Mentmore button filler fountain pen. I have recently received this pen as a gift, but I have no idea as how to fill it. For obvious reasons there was no manual with the pen.

    Can you please “fill” me in..?

    Thank you in advance..

    1. Hi Marcel
      Thanks for the post, If I can help I will. I’m assuming a couple of things here, like its in good working condition and that the inner sac is up to the task of holding ink etc…Anyhow if it is a button filler as you say then unscrew the base of the pen and that will reveal a brass button/piston. If the pen is empty simply immerse the nib up to the grip in in ink and press and release the button 2 or 3 times fairly sharply to expel air and draw in ink, this should fill the pen. If the pen is full or you’re not sure do this in a glass of clean water first to flush the pen.
      Hope this helps

  3. Hello Gary,

    Yes i did, thank you. I even took the pen apart see the condition of the sac and i looks fine to me. I will find some talcum powder to coat the sac with.
    With the pen came two bottles Rorher & Klinger ink; Magenta and Vardura. I’ll try them out using the pen as a dipping pen until I decide on what color to use.
    Thank you for your help

    Best regards,


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