Pimp my ride: A review of the Kaweco AC Sport

Kaweco AC Sport

My hands were ready on the wheel, I was ready to power the throttle, beads of perspiration evidencing the palpable tension that was in the air. The countdown began: 3…2…1… and we were off! Some minutes later I was enthroned once again as the house ‘Scalextric’ champion once again, much to the bemusement of my three-year old grandson (my worthy opponent) and the rest of my family (the audience) Why do I mention this most recent victory. Two reasons, first if I don’t mention it no-one else will. Second the pen I have in hand would be in no way out-of-place in a Formula 1 garage… either that or on TV in the famous if rather tasteless “Pimp my Ride’ car enthusiast series…

The cool retro tin
The cool retro tin

Description: This red Kaweco AC sport comes in the very nice smaller version of Kaweco tin. I love this packaging, it is has something of a  retro look to it and in my opinion is very cool. Inside the tin is a moulded plastic sleeve covered in a black felt like material. There is space in the tin for another pen or pencil, or both for as with the whole Sport series this particular marque includes mechanical pencil and ballpoint options. The pen itself is a pocket fountain pen machined from solid aluminium, polished then finished in a full-blooded matte red colour with an inlay of glossy carbon fibre weave that covers most of the pen’s barrel and is also inset into alternate panels of the Sport’s characteristic octagonal cap. This pen retails at anything from £92 in the UK so it is not cheap!

What's inside
What’s inside

Dimensions: This is the epitome of a pocket-sized pen. It is 108 mm long when capped and 101mm uncapped. It weighs in at 21g which is roughly double the weight of the Classic sport. The concave grip section varies from 8-11 mm wide and the barrel section is also 11mm. The cap itself is branded with the title ‘Kaweco AC Sport Germany’ in white on one of the panels and the end of the cap has the Kaweco logo in a stylish black.

Writing test

On Test: In principle I’m a big fan of the Kaweco Sport series. I think I have about four of them in various editions including a blue AL sport which is part of my daily carry and a stunning ‘Aksehir’ ART Sport which is delightful.  The one I have on test came with a ‘BB’ nib, which would not be my nib of choice as I much prefer an ‘F’ or even an ‘EF’ nib fo my own writing purposes. Nevertheless I inked up this racy beast with Kaweco Royal Blue ink and set forth. This range of pens takes international cartridges ans also a proprietary squeeze filled converter, I went for the converter, as is my custom 🙂

Kaweco family get together
Kaweco family get together

In truth there’s a lot to commend this pen and indeed the nib if a double broad is to your taste. As with all Sports the pen sits wonderfully in the hand when capped. I carry my AL sport in my pocket all the time it is just so utilitarian that I wouldn’t think of going out without it, so in general this pen style is one I really like, even if to be honest this particular variant is not to my personal style. On the positive side the addition of the carbon fibre gives a novel look to this pen. The glossy weave has an almost 3D look which contrasts to the matte finish of the aluminium sections of the pen. conversely I would say that if something isn’t broken why try to fix it? The aluminium barrels themselves has a look and feel that to me needs no further adornment.

Kaweco on test
Kaweco on test

I have to say that in use the nib is smooth, as smooth as many much bigger and more expensive nibs that I’ve tried. It’s simply not to my taste and if I were keeping this pen (which I’m not as it needs to be returned to Kaweco) it would be swappped out immediately to something that better suits me.

Kaweco cap badge
Kaweco cap badge

Summary: Sadly the looks of this pen are a little too ‘pimped’ for my liking. The more understated black AC Sport would perhaps be a different kettle of fish but I much prefer the cheaper, more subtle and in my view elegant AL Sport. Having said that the pen and nib perform well, as all the Sport series do, it is just a horses for courses thing with me. If you like the particular look of this pen, and you can justify the cost, then you won’t be disappointed…



13 thoughts on “Pimp my ride: A review of the Kaweco AC Sport

    1. Hi, thanks for the comment! They are a great series and not all as expensive as the AC Sport. The classic and the ice sport are very reasonably priced 🙂

    1. I understand where you’re coming from, I guess it would be well over $100 in the States and you either love the style or you don’t 🙂

  1. I have the Kaweco AC Sport in black. It isn’t as flashy as the red one but, I do like the carbon fibre, I just wish people would be more about leaving it uncoated, so it gets all grungy. I backed a Kickstarter pencil that is raw carbon fibre called “the intuition pencil,” and am looking forward to the character that is imparted upon it for daily use. I also see the ART Sport Aksehir. I just received one of those I ordered from Frank at Fontoplumo. He is very reasonable on pricing and had to special order the pen for me. Just a suggestion if you are looking for a specific Kaweco Sport that is more difficult to find. I have to say that I like the weight of the AL and AC Sports over the lightness of the ART but, they are all great writing instruments. Keegan from “One Star Leather” on Etsy makes a great leather sleeve for these pens.

    1. Thanks for commenting! You make some great points. I too would prefer a matte feel to the carbon fibre, I have a Moneteverde Invincia Nighthawk that does this wonderfully.
      I know what you mean about the comparative weights, the AL Sportis perfect form from that point of view, thanks for the tip re: Fontoplumo too 🙂

      1. You are most welcome. I look forward to your reviews and would love to send more business to Frank at Fontoplumo. The AL Sports in the Stonewashed finish can be pre-ordered from Frank. They will be released in May. He says they are releasing a rollerball and fountain pen but, no plans for the pencil in the Stonewashed finishes. Fountain Pen Geeks have pictures of these finishes.

      2. Thanks for the comment. Ive seen the pics of the ston ewashed AL Sports, I’m not yet convinced. I think I’ll have to see one in the raw before deciding on one of those 🙂

  2. I was so excited when I bought my Kaweco AC Black Carbon with EF nib, but I was disappointed how the nib writes and how badly behaves the converter. That is the worst thing I have ever used, without syringe it takes hardly 1/3 of the amount… It almost made me cry. I had to change nib for F and now it is much better, but it is skipping when I use print handwriting, with cursive it is nice and smooth. I was ready to sell it and I still would do it, if somebody want it. But… I played with converter. I pulled off the whole metal protection with squeezing stick and now it let flow ink almost perfectly and also takes much more ink. So the result is, that I use it occasionally when I am writing letter, it is not included in daily rotation. As much as I love the look of the pen, I really cannot stand how it “works”.

    1. Sorrybyouve had issues with your AC sport. I had a similar issue with an EF nib, which I solved by “tricking it”…see one of my earlier posts on the Monteverde Invincia Nighthawk where I talk about the technique. Seemed to do the job. as for the converter, theye are limited, I tend to refill by syringe go get the best out of them too. I think of all the AC Sports the black looks the best, so well done for choosing that one 🙂

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